FCS is a great stadium not a bad seat in the house(except the Beaver Lodge). The only thing I don’t like about FCS is the fact they got rid of the East and West end zone stands. As a kid, it was always fun sitting in the wooden west (Bank st.) end zones, trying to catch footballs. The bleachers really had a lot of character, they should bring them back. They were a great promotional way of pulling kids into the stadium because those kids would become future Rider die hard fans. A lot of people will say we can’t fill the stadium, so why would you want to build the new End Zone seats ? I say, because they gave a lot of CHARACTER to the place. They have to put something to dress up the end zones, I’m sure it will look really bush league on TV this year. The Beaver Lodge is better than nothing, I sat there one game and but the view was terrible, they should’ve built it higher. Knowing how cheap the City of Ottawa Council is, fat chance of ever seeing the end zone seats again. It seems that every time we have a Grey Cup, lose the end zone seats.

they should just add a beaver lodge to the east end zone as well.

I think they should put a beer garden type thing at the opposite end to the beaver lodge. Put in some picnic tables. Open it up a 2 hours before the game. Let people watch the guys warm up and drink beer ( oh yeah and dont charge 6 bucks for a beer or 8.50 for the large ones). Not even BC Place charges that much. That end zone would become the tail gate zone. Lonie are you listening? Bring in the cheer leaders before the game to entertain the people in this area. This could be profitable and guess what would add some fun to the game. It was like a morge at the game this past week. You could hear the toilets flushing during the game.

That’s brilliant, what a great idea. I could’nt believe the price of the beer, I bought 1 can of Molson Canadian for $6.00 and that was it for the game. $8.50 for a 20 oz. beer is outrageous. I can’t understand why they don’t lower the price, they would sell more and make more money at a reduced price. I refuse to go to Senators games because of this. Next time, I am smuggling something in.