Where have all our players gone, long time....

its really starting to bother me so many players released to try the NFL.

I don’t remember it being this bad before.

That would indicate the talent level in the league is high enough to get the interest down south, no?

The sad part is very few of these players will make a 56-man NFL roster and they’ll be released along with 1000 other NFL rejects next September. It cost NFL teams virtually nothing to sign these CFL stars who will only start to be paid their NFL minimum contracts (around $550k) after the first regular season NFL game. CFL teams will scramble to find replacements for these defectors and often will not welcome them back. Some will never play football again, hoping and waiting for a NFL call-up, then sitting out the season after realizing another player of equal or superior ability has taken his CFL roster spot. Sometimes a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush.

So far, 13 CFL players have been released by their respective team for NFL opportunities. The numbers,per team, are:

Calgary 4
Edmonton 3
Ottawa 2
Saskatchewan 2
BC 1
Montreal 1.

None from Hamilton, Toronto and Winnipeg.

Some more should come.


Ahhh! Let em go, The money they make here is not comparable. What we have here is a chance for them to start a life in Canada, if they get on there , all the power to them. We can replace them with Canadian men. Once the dust settles the teams will be equal.

bur…but…some of them are my favorites.

But that’s the problem, ED, we don’t replace them with Cdns, we get more Amers who’s only thought is to play back home in the big league for big bucks. I don’t blame the Amers but I think we should lower the number allowed to play up here. Let’s make it a place to want to come to, not a stepping stone.

OL Ryker Matthews was released from HAM to try out in the NFL

I have noticed that the 2 best players in our League, Mitchell and Reilly haven’t been offered contracts.

Thank you Grover.

I doubt that Reilly will sign in the NFL, but I do think that Mitchell will. Would be quite a loss to the Stampeders.


Reducing the number of Internationals would, sadly, reduce the quality of play … with potential attendant impacts on attendance by casual fans and TV numbers … the pool of Canadian talent is just not big enough (I posted elsewhere after some research and I think it was something like 30 times more NCAA football programs than CIS universities) … the chance to tryout for the NFL is what is needed for many Internationals to make a long-term commitment to the CFL … overall (IMO) best to let them try, but they should be bound tot he team that released them … something to tidy up in the new CBA.

I’m okay with it. These young men need to move on and do what is best for their career and most of them are very, very grateful for their opportunities in the CFL. They make great ambassadors for the league, which means more great talent for us in the future as they spread the word about their experience. Any that do stick in the NFL will inevitably get a mention on a game broadcast at some point, and that’s also good promo for the CFL. Enjoy them while they are here, and celebrate their success. I wish them well, as sad as I am to see them go.

There’s no question the quality of players would decrease if fewer or no internationals were allowed, especially in the short term.

But the quality of the games might increase. What I mean is that if there were more of a balance in talent level between O-lines (now mostly Nationals) and D-lines (now mostly Internationals), then we should see QBs with more time in the pocket to make plays happen . . . and possibly fewer injuries to QBs.

In the long term, the gap between the quality of players could shrink since more nationals would be getting professional training and reps. I look at players like Sinopoli and Messam, who be unlikely to crack a squad without a national quota. But, given time to develop, they became among the top players in the league, regardless of nationality.

In the very long term, this gap could shrink even further if it makes amateur football more popular. If the CFL draft had more meaning and the players in USport actually comprised the future stars–including QBs–of the CFL, people might pay more attention and young athletes might be more drawn to the sport.

All of this could increase attendance and TV viewership. I’m not sure whether more fans are interested in the seeing the top non-NFL talent regardless of nationality or the top non-NFL talent specifically from Canada. I know of fans who fall on either side.

These NFL tryouts are a Public Relations disaster for the league. They need to shorten the tryout window to two weeks in December, for example, and have a better mechanism than releasing the best players on every CFL team so they can sign early.

Almost exactly as I think, Dave. There will be a bump in play for a while , maybe but in the end the Cdn boy is good enough to play our game…Nope, it’s exactly how I think and have been saying for years.

Are you sure about that Grover ? The last time I looked Matthews is still listed on the Ti-Cat roster although I honestly don’t think he’ll be there for much longer . I’m thinking that Matthews will be given a shot and will be eventually signed by some NFL team for the start of the 2019 season .

I could be wrong, I’ve been wrong before, but it was somebody else’s fault. :-[

LOL. It’s okay Grover . Let’s just say that you had a hiccup with Hickman . ;D

You can add BC kicker Ty Long to the list . He has been reported by 3DNation as having been signed by the Chargers . If successful he would join fellow ex CFLer kicker Brent Maher who has had a very good year since signing with the Cowboys this season .


Once it’s deleted, it didn’t happen! :wink: ;D

The best football game I ever saw had no American players, no American coaches, no American GMs AND no reviews, no challenges and no command center. It was pure Canadian football and I defy anyone to say it wasn’t fast-paced, high scoring, entertaining and very exciting right down to the last play !

The game was the 2011 Vanier Cup.

We do have the players and most important, we have the most exciting brand of football on the planet.