Where have 360k eyeballs gone?

CFL TV ratings have been in a freefall for this entire decade. The playoff and Greycup ratings this fall showed a marked improvement, so hopfully we can expect more of the same next season. The problem is, the ratings have fallen so badly, that it will take double digit increases for a few years to even approach where we used to be.
CFL ratings were very hard to come by this year. My best estimate is they were right around the 500k mark.
Looking back at this article is sad, because the CFL would kill for a 700k average now.

A significant drop in TSN subscribers over the years due to cord cutting.

10 years ago, the league had it's last season with games on OTA.

There's the start of it.

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now are we talking about 360K individual eyeballs, or 180K pairs of eyes, or 360K pairs of eyes which would technically by 720K eyeballs


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your estimate -500,000 mark? - figures are out there and viewership is over 600,000 per week excluding streaming and ESPN.Commissioner also said something similar in his 2017 State of the League address. Here it is.

"Over 2.4 million fans watch our broadcast each week. One in three Canadians watch the Grey Cup. We are a top three sport entertainment property in Canada."

"With 25 million page views on CFL.ca, 20.7 million video views across CFL social media, 175,000 playing some form of CFL fantasy and 60,000 playing the new CFL frenzy mobile game and new and exciting in stadium spaces and experiences that make game day the best day"

600 would be better than 500 for sure. That is still 1 milloon pairs of eyeball short for the week, or 2 million individual eyes.?

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It's quite possible that the losses in eyeballs watching cable have been gained in eyeballs watching TSN streams. As far as I know, the online viewership numbers are not posted.

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