Where has the once feared defence gone

Last Saturday I attended the game in Toronto..Ouch!,,,Its the first time I have seen the Cats play live in years, but they looked more dead...Where has the Tiger pride on the field gone when even winning teams knew they were playing the Cats...Angelo Mosca, come and show these guys....Glad to see Jesse Lumsden in the fold, lets do some good things the rest of the way....lets see that Tiger pride on the field..... :x

its still there, we have a sooolid defence, but once your on the feild 85% of the game,. every 2 minutes of the game you get worn out, if we could get them on the feild as less as possible, they would be amazing, lets give them credit for this year and last, its bin rocky and they've worked there asses off, coach reed deserves an A+ for doing this well with such a poor offence to help them out.

they gave up 11 points what`s wrong with that ???

Hey Blitz....agree with you 100%
The Cat D played a super game. Our front four had a lot of injuries and they still came through. If our offense could put some long drives together and get some td's, our D would be that much fresher out there.

what did the Defense do wrong? they matched the argos step for step, INT for INT, hit for hit.

just my take on it anyway.

Marc Pilon has been Belli's replacement at DT
but he went down during the game and his replacement
newcomer Clinton Wayne did an admirable job.

Devonte Peterson our veteran DT
has been out with an injury.

Roger Dunbrack replaced him in that game.

He did a great job in his place as did James Cotton
when Tim Cheatwood got injured early in the game.

They did a heck of a good job.

I know what KeyWest is trying to say I think. The defence did not do anything wrong. They played well, but in the old days we expected the defence to hurt people and we expected other teams to be afraid of The Ti-Cat "D"

If I recall correctly, our D did put a couple of starting quarterbacks on the injured list this year - that's gotta count for something, no?

We also broke Stegall's ribs.

Has anyone got a "points allowed per minute played" statistic for the CFL?

Would be an interesting "comparator"...

Where has the feared Defence gone....where is Sudsie

ask RL

Before we all start singing a variant of “Blame Lancaster”, lets get some slight grip on reality…

Our Defense is very good, just opverexposed…try comparing anyone elses based on time stuck out on the field…include that in your comments!

I don’t see where we have a lot to brag on for “Special Teams” in either direction. Joe PP neglected using Corey Holmes, aguably one of the top three in the League, in the early season, and Quinnie has dropped enough to make me somewhat “ill” if I see him on the field…granted the blocking is atrocious, but these guys have never played together and the zebras have us in clear sight for penalties…on the other side of the same issue, we have fans trying to be coaches with Boreham, Fleming, that idiot and his crying Mommie last year and so on…

And our Offense is at best “lamentable”…if they are going to “two and out” each series, how can you ever question our D?

(And please do answer that one! Its plain and important!)