Where has the HEART gone?

Hey all you CFL nutters!!! :slight_smile: :rockin:

I am a newbie to the forum, but by no means a newbie to the CFL! Just want to post a little certain something that I have been thinking about.

-The CFL only has 8 teams
-There is no PROFESSIONAL SPORTS LEAGUE or TEAM in the world that only has 8 participants (teams) in it with a "Salary Cap'??? I am just going to make "PSLoT" an acronym now if that's ok.
-There have been a few "million dollar men" in the CFL.

  • WMPI (what my point is...sorry, just woke up from a 5 year nap)
    The CFL is getting looked upon, maybe because they paid off their debt FINALLY to the NFL for that stupid expansion in the mid 90's..........member everyone......BALTIMORE won the cup in the the CFL in 1995? , in regards to MORE telivised games all over the world!!!
    The CFL will rock on for years!!! and more interest will come. I am just a certain fan of a certain team in the CFL and I am sick and tired of the marketing "sell outs" that they are becoming!
    I remember when I scraped up $35 for the lottery when the team was going to 'FOLD' apparently back in the early 90's.

Oh, but you can buy tire stem VALVE COVERS for $5.99 on their website or something. Makes you think where the HEART went?

No one is putting a gun to your head to buy the stuff, but isn't nice for those who do that they can?

I guess I don't see a wide variety of merchandise options as selling out. Let me put it to you this way: If they're able to do that relatively succesfully, you shouldn't have to into a lottery ot telethon any time soon and hopefully for you, ever again.