Where Has Our Return Game Gone ???

8) After starting off this season with a pretty respectable punt and kick off return team, it now has
  vanished completely  !!!

  McDaniel looked very dangerous for the first couple of games with his efforts performing this 
  task.  But now, it has become very ordinary, to say the least  !!!

  On the other hand, Tristan Jackson of Edmonton is a threat to return every punt he catches, all
  the way for a major  !!!

   Whether it is the blocking schemes we are useing, or is it the returner himself at fault here ????

    That is the big question.

When Caulley or KK returns I'd like to see what Cobb can do returning the ball.

Our returner is not hitting the hole quickly and directly anymore , has he lost the desire to take a hit all of a sudden ? Seems so to me

Do you really think Cobb will be a returner when Keith comes back ?? Do you really want to take Cobb out as the starter ??

How long is Tre Smith out for? He is a good return guy.

8) I would venture to say that Tre Smith is more than ready to return to the starting lineup !!!
  His initial injury was a sprained, or injured ankle.  That was 2 months ago, so I am sure he is fine
  at this point !!!

  Getting back as a starter is going to be his problem now  !!!

   Just ask Terry Caulley about that fact  !!!

If you look around the league there are not too many good returners. I think its more of the fact that special teams are covering pretty good.
When Keith and Caulley return, maybe Cobb and Tre will be used on kick/punt returns.
Cobb is an ex-kick returner

8) I think at some point, they do have to look at Cobb on the return teams.
 That was his speciality at college, where he set records doing it.  Also played that position in the NFL.

  McDaniel seems a little tentative now, and doesn't seem too eager to go full tilt up the middle of the 
  the field  !!!

  Once you slow down, and hesitate on those returns, you are dead  !!!!

  Cobb seems tough enough and fast enough, to do both returning kicks, and playing the RB position.

   Heck, Garney Henley played WR and DB, and still was the most dangerous return man in the CFL !!

McDaniel is not running hard through holes anymore. He saunters up and looks to be expecting to get hit almost every time. He's even turning his back in traffic (which he seems to be running into more now). Lots of holes that I saw last night, but he just missed them. Every time.

Zero blocking. Why does this only happen in Hamilton?

He definitely doesn't seem to be charging the ball the way he did at the beginning of the season. He seems to be running into his blocker quite a bit too.

I think he is starting to try and run east to west now for some reason, rather than picking a hole and going for it like he did in previous games.

^^^i agree^^^. I'm suprised people are so quick too put Cobb in S.T.(even though , yes his past is great rationalle) I would like to see Trey Williams inserted there. Whatever the case , something needs to be done because the difference between the beginning of the season and now is drastic.People focus on Defence and Offense but (as alot of coaches say) Special Teams is really what wins/loses games.(think about it - its a reflection of where you start on offense/where you start on defense + other factors, it's huge).

It truly is a huge part of the game.

Other than Taylor in Montreal and Jackson in Edmonton, there aren't as many good return men in the CFL as there used to be.

Saskatchewan by signing Armstead and Winnipeg (apparently) signing Pacman Jones are trying to address their problems in this regard.

Hamilton should be addressing it as well. It is so crucial to field position. . . if they can't solve it internally, then I hope Obie will be scouring the NFL releases for a suitable kick returner. . .


How about trying TC as a kick returner - I mean Terry Cauley, not TC the mascot.
He has good speed, good moves and he is tough and hard to bring down.

One thing I did notice on kick-off returns last week, Edmonton had much better blocking. When Jackson caught the ball, he usually had a solid wall of green shirts in front of him. Kick returning is not a one man show, it's a team effort.