Where has our Pass Rush Gone ?????

8) After watching the last two games in Montreal and Hamilton, I would like to know what has happened all of a sudden to our so called pass rush !!! Both McKay-Loescher and Charlton Keith have been almost invisible in both these games. Any ideas as to why !! Are they simply being outclassed now ?????

tough to get much pressure on a QB when your defensive coordinator takes out a lineman and goes with a undisguised 3-4 defence with all linebackers dropping off. That makes for 3 defensive linemen trying to get past 5 offensive lineman.

Needless to say, this less than brilliant strategy has been our undoing all year. Our ability to defend most first down plays has been excellent as has been our run defence. But, have we ever been able to stop any team in long yardage situations....nope.

We all might have been a little quick in naming Keith the next:
Mike Walker
Joe Montford

I was mentioning to a friend that he really has no muscle definition in his arms at all. Very unusual for a big D-Lineman.

Time will tell if he is the answer.

Has the pass rush really suffered that much?

I was trying to look at league stats for sacks/sacks allowed but the CFL website doesn't have it listed, and I'd either have to open the team stats for all 8 teams, or sit with a pen and paper and write down the stats for individual players and total by team.

Anyway, i was going to say that is kinda funny that moving to 3-4 has caused a drop in hurries and sacks. usually the 3-4 allows for a greater ammount of blitzs from different angles and DL stunts.

Something is definately wrong with that picture. If you only have three down linemen, and all four linebackers are dropping into coverage on each second and long, you might as well be playing a 3-3-6.

Or at least put in the second tackle and shift to a dime defence with only one linebacker and two extra DB's.

it makes sense that we have been burned deep all year now.

If you have no pressure up front, and 8 men dropping into man/zone coverage - the 15-20 yards downfield are filled. and you get one or two guys out on the island with half a chance to breakaway from their DB if they can get inside.

but i'm not a pro d-coordinator, what do i know?

All I know is that with Dunbrack and Adams in the middle, we have no push up the middle at all. The eventual return of Wayne should help. Why they are not playing Reid and Bekesiak more in the middle, I have no clue...you would think they would be better than the invisible pass rushers we have there now.

Another disturbing insight: the last couple of games I can't tell you how many times both Keith and McKay met BEHIND the QB, because they both (on EVERY PLAY) seem to rush outside, and get pushed away from the pocket until the QB has a chance to step up and avoid them altogether. I have no idea whose fault this is, but it happened against Montreal then Saskatchewan on almost every one of our defensive plays.

Our defensive playbook is disgusting. As was said by another poster, we are good against the run and often stop first down plays. Then we go to the three man rush on second down, and give the QB all day to either pass or run down field. On the rare occassion we do send a blitz, we put the safety or a linebacker on the line of scrimmage and rush on one side or the other.

All this said what bothers me more than anything is our defense has no deception, and we constantly do the same thing in the same situations. I think we blitzed like 3 times last week. That is not near enough. It must be a joke being the OC and QB on opposing teams. They look at the film and say, if there are more than five players on the line, expect a blitz, otherwise just pass protect and burn their weak DBs.

A big reason why we are giving up big plays against the secondary is the lack of a pass rush. We only got to Joseph once last game, and probably because he was surprise to see an LB in the backfield.

There is no other team in this league playing a vanilla defense like us. We have the fewest sacks and have the worst defense. It's partly, but not fully personnel. Sooner or later the DC must make some better calls.


Maybe the opposition O-line is instructed to push the rush ends outside precisley because, as you've brought to our attention, that they know there will be no push up the middle thus allowing the QB to step up.

Nice observation. I'll have to look for that.

....what pass rush? We've been rushing only 3 for most of the Season. Occationally they stunt a 4th but very rare and just another reason why opposing QB's have all the time in the world to pick our DB's apart.


I hate that 3 man pass rush. We get burned on it every game.

If you must rush three, at least do something to disguise it. When you have three down linemen on the field at least bring a couple of linebackers now and again to keep the other team on thier toes.

But then - what do i know? this is the worst bunch of coaches I've seen in 30 years (Beckman excepted)

Exactly and then in the Rider game they had two starting linemen tossed and do we start rushing four or five no we stay three and well I will say no more …

After reading all the above and other forum topics, it's totally clear it's a combination of poor coaching, poor player selection, and outright lack of talent by some of our players. While one might argue that it's a perfect time to assess the talent we have and build for next year, who is going to be the judge of "talent"?! Our current co-ordinators???! Do they care about the Ticats of next year when some (if not most or all) will be gone? The same goes for Desjardins! If they were even building for next year, where are those new recruits auditioning for this "end of season mini-camp" schedule? The future looks bleak.

This is a fundamental for offencive linemen, block to the outside. With a 3-4 you end up having a guard and tackle double team each end, and a 1-1 between centre and nose tackle, with a full or halfback, waiting to pick up any loose blockers.

If the ends are being told to rush the outside only, this is what happens. the biggest problem here is playcalling.