Where has Chief gone?

He used to be on these boards all the time, hasn't been here now for over a year anybody know what happened to him?

I'm not sure.

No idea.

Since there seems to be a lot of posts asking where various individuals are, maybe the Mods should combine them into one thread to avoid inundating the main page with names of defunct or absentee contributors.

I think a lot of past contributors have been turned off by the arguing, back-biting and general mean spirit of some of the discussions. (I will beat you to it and admit that I too have been guilty). I think that many just got tired of being criticized and belittled for merely having an opinion.

I also think that some are turned off by the serious nature of others, thihgs like demanding proof, providing quotes etc. I come on here generally to have some enjoyment and at times the dialogue and sometimes mean spirit is not always enjoyable.

With that, try to keep things light, try to respect others view enen though they differ from yours and above all, try to have some fun.

Well said! :thup:

In addition to the above, I'd like to see more comments on the actual product on the field, and less about the sad state of the CFL in Toronto.

Eskimos and Blue Bombers undefeated?
Who saw that coming?

Montreal still trying to find its way somewhat.
Let's talk about how we see that evolving.

Calgary's excellence?

Having attended the Argos two home games this year, like many here I am very dismayed with the attendance.
I don't see the Argos surviving, and I think a folding would serve to wake up this city in a big way.

However, there is great football being played in the CFL.
I prefer to focus on that.

I've noticed a drop in posting as well.

probably has something to do with this forum.

The quality of this forum has plummeted. The only posts that are made are bitching about the CFL. If outsiders come to this forum they would think this is a website to bash the league. Why would anyone want to be part of such negativity.

...I don't disagree that the overall flavour of the forum can be soured by off-season whining and complaining and this probably does turn away contributors...also, for some strange reason there seems to be a lot of posters who revel in kicking Canada/Canadians/Canada's Game in general for no legit reason (next week I am visiting Juno Beach and the WWI cemetaries and will apologize quietly to those souls who fought for that priviledge of free speech)...

...in some cases I'm afraid, the absence of long-time posters can be attributed to medical situations, and life in general...I know in the case of Chief he told some of us last summer that he had received some unexpected and serious medical news and the next few months were going to be challenging for him...his last post was almost a year ago, and this makes me sad :cry:

Medical problems
life problems
disenchantment with cfl.ca posters
disenchantment with cfl.ca mods (not saying justified)
disenchantment with mrx
disenchantment with whoever is supposed to enter correct and up to date info from league office
other forms of social media, facebook, twitter, etc
switching to other more appealing forums (to some)
possibly even disenchantment with the league
just plain lost interest in same old same old discussions

just a few possibilities.

Oh no, I hope everything worked out for him, he was such a good poster and spent a lot of time being a mod . :thup:

Third and Ten was a really good poster on the Als' boards; haven't seen him in years.

And a demented part of me still misses McMahon.

I have given up posting because of all the attacks and negativity here and other CFL sites. Before BC Place was refurbished I came out and told everyone that this would happen, as well as with a retractable roof and at the times it was estimated to cost $440 million. I had an insider telling me this. So I shared that info here and was criticized and ridiculed. I shared some other info that was passed on to me and again more bashing. Most of the posters here lack vision and enthusiasm for the league, so much negativity, I'm a BC Lions season ticket holder and have been for more that 10 years. So I put my money where my mouth is and I support and promote this league wherever and whenever I can. I don't need the negativity so I just lurk.

When I mentioned to a couple of Ottawa fans years ago that I had joined this place, they poked fun at me. Basically, they said "good luck, that place is a zoo."

Maybe it's because I came in with low expectations but I don't find it as negative as some of you are saying. Have some posters gotten on me nerves? Absolutely. But it usually just ends up being water under the bridge after a while.

In reality, the league is NOT perfect. And it's OK to say so, so long as its constructive and you're willing to listen to the opposite point of view. I would rather that than a bunch of kool-aid-drinking drones.

And really, there are some topics that you just know are bound to turn into the same-old same old. So I just avoid them. I don't even look at the first post in a thread about poor officiating, for example. Or expansion. What's the use?

Despite the differences of opinion, complaining etc., what binds us all together is the love our our CFL.
Long live the CFL.

Folding the Argos would not do anything to the city of Toronto but would be a huge blow to the CFL. Change for the Argos is needed and will be here shortly. In the meantime they are struggling team in the CFL attendance wise but mean much to much to the CFL to have them fold. They draw well on the road as a team with star players that fans want to see. Those who have the investment in the CFL will need to step up. Bell may have to be the ones to step up to protect there investment of CFL on TSN. Whether they own the team or be a top partner similar to what they are with the MLS in Vancouver.

[url=http://www.whitecapsfc.com/news/2013/12/vancouver-whitecaps-fc-and-bell-extend-premier-founding-partnership]www.whitecapsfc.com/news/2013/12/vancou ... artnership[/url]

If Bell were to do this with the Argos it would make the Argos much more visible.

A lot of good posts. I never take anybody too serious who disagrees with my opinion, because that's all it is, my opinion. Even if I am right. :wink:
But I do feel for some new and maybe younger people who put in their opinion and get slapped down verbally. Some people just can't let others have their opinion.
That being said they have been a few disrupted posters over the years, but I always figured that was the Mods job to police.

The tone of the forums definitely seems to vary based on the time of year and the hot topics of the day. And some topics seem to bring out the worst in some people, just as other topics bring out the best in people. I find most threads to be enlightening, with some very interesting discussions on varied topics. Other threads? Not so much. Same goes for posters - some you just know are going to be worth the read, even those you know are going to have opposing views from your own. In fact, those are often the best reads, as you can't learn much from people who agree with your viewpoints all the time. (Harper, Trudeau, Mulcaire? Did you hear that?) Other posters, well, I've been tempted to add a few to my foes list.

I also have a tendency to avoid certain topics, but sometimes the controversial topics can be the best - at least the ones about football. And you also never know where the off-topic posts are going to take a thread. (Sorry for fanning a few fires on those. I do have a tendency to go with the flow. :oops: )

And yes, I do miss some of the posters who aren't around for whatever reason, especially the more outspoken ones - if only for the entertainment value. But I can also understand why some people have abandoned the site. Not sure what, if anything, can be done to bring them back.

Say a quick thanks to them for me, please. Not sure I'll ever get over there myself.

A quick thanks and prayers as well from me Redand White......as in the colour of the flag :thup:


HEAR!!!HEAR!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: 9 thumbs up for all 9 teams :smiley: no matter who you cheer for!!!..(even if it’s the Argos :wink:)
100% Agree,Long live the CFL…The greatest league in the World :rockin: :cowboy: :rockin: