Where Going to Get Creamed Tomorow.,

Where going to get Creamed Tomorow I see atleast a 15 Point win For Montreal or better
Here is why
No Keith
Tackles are still bad
Starting a Ton of Youth.
No Pressure on AC He'll Have all day to throw..

It going to be a Horror show .. :oops:

Its at Ivor Wynne


Onknight October 3rd,

5 yard penalty,

2nd down.

Yes, we will lose big time, but at least Obie is now going to get a look-see at some young guys in game action in advance of next year's camp.

Can Siskowicz play MLB adequately enough to backup Anthony?

Can Bo Smith defend at corner against AC?

Can Ernest Jackson live up to the hype generated about him during TC earlier this year?

I also see that Bekesiak is going to get a look at tackle, which is a great move, IMO. He has good size and strength, and it would be great if we could start a Canadian there next year.

Personally, I'd like to see Joe Bradley (DL), Adam Tafralis (QB) in some of the remaining games later this year, too.

Don't matter there won't be much of Home Field advantage
No Crowed Lucky to see 12,000 there

Haha. Mycko, 'where' wondering what you mean?

i dont think u got his joke.

it`s not looking good against an experienced Cavillo and crew.

i can`t understand why we have pretty much resigned this season. We still have 5 games left and we are still mathematically in this race. I know it would be a minor miracle, but if we start all our backup players and so on, that gives us virtually no chance of winning.

I know it would be a minor miracle, but if we start all our backup players and so on, that gives us virtually no chance of winning.
Which is PRECISELY where my animosity toward O'Billovich originates ... The man had the AUDACITY to try and MAKE US BELIEVE he was FIRING Taaffe in the INTEREST of a PLAYOFF run which was STILL realistic at that point in time ... then he does EVERYTHING toward SABOTAGING an otherwise salvageable season ...

A LITTLE Honesty would have gone a LONG way ... but he chose to BLOW sunshine up all the fan's @#$!'s ... It was SELF SERVING and PATHETIC, just as his "State of the Organization" release was.

Who does he think he is FOOLING anyway ?


I think the Ticats will be very competitive tomorrow. I am not expecting a blowout at all and I think they have 1/3 chance of winning.

A wounded animal can be very dangerous. After the embarrassment of 10 sacks given up against B.C., I think the Cats will be much more competitive this week. I give the edge to my Als, but I don't think it will be a blowout.

We get creamed, but it will be a good kind of creamed. Thanks fellow CFLer after you get creamed so many times all creams are the same. :oops:

Meanstreak: I think it was more like " well Charlie was going nowhere with this team so lets go nowhere without him and see how our new players perform. That will give us a better look at who we keep for next season and where we need to improve to be competitive at the start of the 2009 season."
Its a bit disheartening to see this but probably a necessity. Its Obie’s team now and he has to start somewhere to make it better.

well said 62. Leaving charlie in only guarantees that he starts all the starters in an effort to win a few games and save his job but does nothing to help the cats in the long term as far as giving some of the backups a shot at showing what they can do and gaining experience. I think that marcel has been told whether he will be made head coach or not has nothing to do with winning a couple games down the stretch, and getting some bench players in the game and seeing what they can do is what he is concentrating on. A coach fighting to keep his job wont do that. marcel is doing that and in the long run it will benefit the team. Someone like Porter needs the experience and he is getting it. Obie came from BC and one thing bc has had for years is qbs that can play, starters go down in bc and the backups seem ready and if porter is a future starter for the cats then starting a few games now will speed up his development in the long run.

8) It's Obies fault that we are in this jackpot, not Charlies !!!
  Had Obie given Charlie quality players to begin with, we probably would be in a secure playoff position right now  !!!

 Did you notice how successful Charlie was in Montreal with a good team, stacked with experienced veteran players  ??

 Coach of the year and Grey Cup appearances each year  !!!

 Hamilton.....lousy players provided to him and he takes the blame for this joke team  !!

 Charlie fired, despite our GM giving him the proverbial vote of confidence 3 days earlier  !!!   GM= no credibility !!

  Still winless since Charlie was thrown under the bus  !!!

  Yep, it sure was all Charlies fault, that is for sure  !!!!!!!        <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

stacked with experience and veteran players, and still couldnt win the cup.

correction.................one grey cup appearance and lost to the cats the other year.
Charlie was handed a stacked team in montreal and lost a home playoff game to the cats and lancaster(RIP) in 99.......OUTCOACHED, then he had a stacked team the following year and lost in the grey cup...OUTCOACHED. A coach with a stacked team and couldnt win the big one. Thus ending his sad stay in montreal known for leading a stacked team to two straight coach of the year awards and ZERO GREY CUPS.

The amount of JUSTIFYING, RATIONALIZING, and DEFENDING of O'Billovich's poor decisions regarding this season is absolutely MIND BLOWING.

The LAST time I checked I was still getting CHARGED FULL PRICE for admission into the Stadium. The LAST time I checked the PLAYERS were getting PAID in FULL for playing. To have an EIGHT WEEK Training Camp at the EXPENSE of the fan base is UNFORGIVABLE, PERIOD !!

The FACT is, nobody knows for CERTAIN what would have happened if Charlie was kept around for another 4 weeks ... In terms of NEXT season, I would (not so humbly) SUGGEST that FOUR FR-EAKIN weeks would have been ENOUGH time to get a good read on the players and, yes, even offer Quinton ENOUGH meaningful game EXPERIENCE to get an ACCURATE read on him.

The POINT is ... the TIMING of O'Bumblevich's waving of the WHITE FLAG was DEPLORABLE, HORRIBLE, and completely UNNECESSARY !!!!!! Why is that soooooooo hard for some in here to UNDERSTAND ??

O'Bumblevich just FOLLOWED the same LAME SCRIPT of the previous regimes of the last several years ... and the POINT is - He SHOULD have known BETTER !!!!

There is NO UNDERESTIMATING the VALUE of FIGHTING the good fight - together - and GAINING the valuable EXPERIENCE along the way. Throwing the SEASON away with 8 weeks remaining DISRESPECTED the Players, the Coaches, and the FANS !!! This is PROFESSIONAL sport ... to treat it like TINY TALENT TIME is SHAMEFUL and burns my @$$ to no end !!


Well.....what did charlie and the starters do in the season and a half that they had? do you really want to sit through more of that? I for one am glad that they doing something and the thought of more of the same with charlie and the results he was getting us is reason enough to sit some guys and look at others. They could leave charlie and keep the losing roster intact that started the year but do you really beleive that team and charlie coaching were going to do anything? how much time does a coach get?

Hey Meanstreak, I got a question for ya. I know that you're ultra-mad that the Cats threw in the towel this year and we're testing out guys for next year. However, in years past we've done the whole "wait until we're mathematically eliminated" before we play for next year. But that strategy didn't work.

In order to get mathematically eliminated in the CFL it usually takes until something crazy like week 16. Assuming we finally get mathematically eliminated in week 16 then we don't get our backups any quality playing time. So I'm actually ok with this move, checking out Porter and the other guys since our season is going no where. At least this way we get to see how our guys do against real competition. Just cuz we're out of it doesn't mean our opponents are so they are going to bring it each week. What better way to see if our guys are any good?