Where does this leave Barrin Simpson

When he returns? Can these two stars(him and Zeke) co-exist with their massive salaries? I also hear you Bombers like Lobendahn. Does this show Barrin Simpson the door at the end of the season?

Simpsons future may be in doubt with the BigBlue....his play really started to slip this year...his best game was when he got injured...He is a quality player and leader....nice problem to have....who knows which way the team is going to go on this one... :roll:

We in the Hammer will gladly take him off your hands.

How i see it is that Ike Charlton will be the next out the door and next season we will probably be playing 3-4 with Cam Hall - Simpson - Zeke - Lobendahn. So pretty much in the offseason i would not be surprised if there was a blockbuster trade involving Canada and Charlton to somewhere like Edmonton, Calgary or Toronto. In return we'd probably end up with nothing, we'd just be dumping salary

Well i didn;t think he would be on the roster enxt eyar anyway. and right now we just needed a experienced mlb. Lobendahn will fit into the mix, and if not still got some great experience while he was playing.

in the buisness of sports as we all have learned from the blue and gold the last 2 weeks, we have to let go of personal feelings for the better of the team. and unfortunatley that might mean a good bye to barrin simpson

I'd be shocked if Simpson was here next season, unfortunately I just don't see it...