Where does Michael O'Shea stand among all-time great Bomber coaches?


Too bad he opted for second class tickets on that earlier fight and missed out on those tiny frosted doughnuts they were serving in first class. :grin:

So does anybody now think that Michael O'Shea doesn't occupy second spot behind Bud Grant?


Bud Grant and Mike Riley were coaching gems. Even Cal Murphy was a terrific Coach/GM before he became an even better 'pure' GM. But those guys are already in the books. Michael O'Shea is still a work in progress. Don't forget... he and GM Kyle Walters make a terrific TEAM. Without Walters there might not be an O'Shea here in Winnipeg.

By the time O'Shea hangs it up a decade from now maybe he'll be considered one of the best CFL coaches ever. I think Walters deserves to be a part of that conversation. :partying_face: :boom:

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Even though Bud Grant was before my time, clearly his record speaks for itself and he deserves by far to be the highest ranked coach in Bomber history. Interestingly, when he was the keynote speaker at the Bombers legacy dinner 6 or 7 years ago, during his speech he told the story of how he missed the plane crash mentioned in this thread and as a result cheated death. He was truly the Vince Lombardi of the CFL.

I think Mike Riley has to be second. Even though his time in Winnipeg was short, he was a brilliant on field coach. He continued to be successful after his days in Winnipeg and is one of only a handful of modern CFL coaches to coach in the NFL.

I would not rate Cal Murphy that high. He had great success as an assistant in Edmonton and some success in Winnipeg. But he was a crusty curmudgeon and was rightfully accused of being old fashioned. He banned all reporters from the Bombers dressing room when CBC tried to send a woman in. Apparently she belonged in the kitchen. He also installed his son in law as the back up QB with little evidence that he was qualified for the position. He was also well known, along with Dave Ritchie, for favouring “Christian” players.

O’Shea, I’m my opinion, should be rated third at present, but has a ways to go before being rated any higher. Another Cup would put him past Riley, but he’ll never be as good an on field coach. His on field blunders are frequent and ongoing, from opting to kick a 90 yard field goal with the season on the line, to failing to choose to take the wind in the longer second quarter in the most recent Grey Cup. That egregious error, together with the missed hands to the face call on Lawrence, cost the Bombers a TD against before the half that should never have happened. O’Shea was out coached by Steinhauer, who made no significant errors other than the botched 3rd and 2 call which he probably didn’t call himself.

Where O’Shea excels is in his relationship with the players and his other coaches. He keeps them laser focussed on the task at hand and never allows overconfidence to creep into the dressing room or onto the field. His team is by far the tightest in the league and the tightest I would say in recent CFL memory. That is not an easy thing to do, especially on a championship team. He is the main reason that Winnipeg is the #1 preferred player destination in the league, although as pointed out above, Kyle Walters and the rest of the Bombers brain trust deserve some credit for that as well.

Murph was pretty awesome he never seemed to let that heart replacement slow him down and in fact stated it gave him great introspect into life and that may have made him relate to players better. He could get crusty at times especially with the press :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: