Where does Michael O'Shea stand among all-time great Bomber coaches?

And Bud played NBA as well.

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And now that he's 94... I'll bet that he still dribbles. :crazy_face:

Don Sutherin narrowly missed out on that feat as well. He was the Head Coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats from 1994-97 but they didn't win the Grey Cup until 1999 by which time he had been moved down to Defensive Coordinator.

Ever since he became the Argos ST coach, I’ve been explaining what an excellent coach O’Shea is. His coaching talent was immediately obvious.

A few years ago, Bomber Fan was desperately hoping for O’Shea to get fired and I was one of the few - - if not the only one - - advocating in support of him.

I've always been in support of him. O'Shea is great.

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Agreed. He came up with incredibly innovative plays on the teams (not to mention fun to watch)

Lyle B. Style was the standard bearer of the Michael O'Shea detractors/haters to the point of heaping scorn on O'Shea's sartorial choices.

Lyle is one of the few fans willing to look at his team objectively and criticize dumb decisions of the brain trust.

He’s had lots of those to choose from in Winnipeg over the past few decades.

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I don't think O'Shea does anything all that innovative. Granted it's difficult to innovate in an era where everything you can do on a football field has been done and there's miles of film on it. O'Shea is just very much on the ball, keeps his team prepared for all situations and is very calm and tall in the saddle as a sideline leader/boss. He's also perfect in the media. Never steps wrong with them.

Go back and watch his time with the Argos. Used the rule book to its fullest and something you don’t see enough coordinators making use of.

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Thank you.

Glad I’m not the only one who recognized how many innovative and game breaking set plays O’Shea used on special teams.

I'm quite willing to believe that but for what it's worth, my parents (Ticat fans) never forgave him for sounding like a sore loser after the '57 Grey Cup. By "never" I mean they were happy each time he lost a Super Bowl.

Well then the 1965 Grey Cup Game must have been a particular delight for your parents.


Bud Grant almost never became a coach.

After the 1956 all star game in Vancouver, he was scheduled to be on the Canadair flight that crashed into a mountain but changed his ticket to an earlier flight.


You're hardly the only one. Most fans have given him that from year 1.

O'Shea was taught by his mentors that the press (other than Bob Irving) was the enemy. Irving is more like a golf caddy than real media in most respects!

Lyle! Long time no see, my friend.

I’m guessing you’re in celebratory spirits today - - big win for the Bombers and Pallister finally falling on his sword.

Great to hear from you too A5. How da family?
Good win for Blue to go 3-1 and force Dave Dick to take a dump at 1-3 but season (even abbreviated) far from over. Bombers were dead in the water without Husky Harris in the lineup. Imagine how badly they would have been slaughtered if Mutty Nichols was still quatch?
Dickenson overpowered Richie Hall's Tenacious D with a quick release QB vs. a soft-zone and some unique trickery.
Leggio was expected to succumb to the master-kicker Parades but it kinda went the other way around. Leggio botched a PAT - but rebounded with a 50 yd 3x a few minutes later; ended up kicking a 46 yarder right thru the middle of the middle of the middle uprights. Parades fell short by 3 or 4 yds on his gasp 51 yarder.
Frankly, Harris was a far sight better than I thought he'd be. Lawler, Darwin & Wolitarsky all had a case of game jitters - or were terrified of being ended by headshots after Collaros tossed them balls in breakpoint areas.
Calgary's young o-line moved a supposedly strong Bomber front 7 against their will and the new RB tore us apart for big gains. That said, Bombers are dressing 2 under-powered OLBs.
Hall paid heed to my advice and didn't put the bantam kid on the corner. You know, the one who can't tackle in the open field.

As for Lurch (Pallister) his lies and deceptions finally caught up to him. Look forward to Wab Kinew becoming the first indigenous leader of Manitoba since the halcyon days of Louis Riel. In recent months Kinew chopped the big boy down to size - Pallister had no alternative but to flee the palace!


The pre 2018 and 2019 shoulder injuries Matt Nichols would have been more than fine. And there's absolutely no need to dump on Nichols here.


Fire in the hole! :ducks for cover: