Where does Michael O'Shea stand among all-time great Bomber coaches?

Where does Coach Michael O'Shea stand in your rating of all-time great Blue Bomber coaches?

Currently he stands third in mine, behind the legendary Bud Grant and the great Cal Murphy. If O'Shea's success with the Bombers continues, he could eventually move ahead of Murphy in my rankings.


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I could agree to that, where does Mike Riley stand, 88-90, 2 Grey Cups.

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Certainly not the best (maybe even the worst), but the most entertaining was Jeff Reinebold.

Boy thats the truth. One guy I always respected albeit not the greatest but a real good man was Dave Ritchie.

i suppose Mike is 3rd. I wish he treated the press better however.

Great thread. MOS deserves a ton of praise. Just a few years ago the pitch forks were out for him. Most fans don't appreciate what a stable coaching/management team provides.
So glad OShea fought through the hard times, and we now have possibly the best culture in the league - players all around want to be here. Wasn't that long ago it was the opposite.

For me I'd also have him 3rd, behind CM & MR. Bud was before my time.

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Those Ritchie teams had some kind of stink to them. Look at the rosters at the time, there was alot of talent there. How they had such bad records I don't understand. I used to say they were the most talented crappy team around.
The coach has to be blamed for players not reaching what they are capable of.


O'Shea treats the press fine. Austin was always a dick to the media (and others).


I would put Riley ahead of Murphy. Riley was terrific. Murphy only beats him on the longevity category. In all other facets Riley whoops him.

If O'Shea isn't ahead of Murphy he will pass him soon.

With different time periods and weapons at disposal kinda hard to say .

..... in terms of legacy ,

Bud Grant
Cal Murphy

Then O 'Shea but if he stays longer to get at least one more Cup he could pass both of them .

Riley had great success but lacked that longevity that creates more than a hired gun approach to a more generational effect in terms of connecting with the Bomber / Winnipeg Community .

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It would take a lot more than just one additional Grey Cup for Michael O'Shea to pass Bud Grant and his six Grey Cup appearances and four victories over ten years when it comes to legacy.

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I have to agree. I love O'Shea but Bud Grant is basically Canada's Lombardi.

Well I know Guy Lombardo from London, but who's this Lombardi fellow? Hopefully you're not comparing some straight American football type to a CFL Hall of Famer.


Interesting question. To me the greatest head coaches were the ones who made the 'nice guy' approach work. O'Shea and Riley certainly fit that bill. I never met Bud Grant but I've been told that he was a great guy with cerebral powers that rivalled Charles Xavier. While still a defensive back he crushed the minds of his bosses so thoroughly that they begged him to take over the team. Correct me if I'm wrong but other than Grant, only Pinball Clements went from active player to head coach in this league and won a cup.

Dave "Hissy Fit" Dickenson?

Campbell (sr)

Wasn't Milanovich a backup QB back in the 90s or something?

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Add the great Eagle Keys and Sam Etcheverry to your list.


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Bud Grant played both ways for the Blue Bombers and was an excellent receiver as well. In fact it was as an offensive end that he made the WIFU All-Star teams in 1953, 1954 and 1956. He was also the leading receiver in a gridiron bush league of some sort in 1952 playing for a Philadelphia based team.



Dickenson made a terrific head coach, but I THINK concussions forced him to retire first. Pinball and Grant were still at the top of their game. Also, just read this on Wiki... Dickenson started out as an assistant coach. Both Grant and Pinball went from ACTIVE players to head coaches.

Wow. Imagine playing both ways in professional football at an all-star level and STILL (probably) having a day job.