Where does Kevin Glenn go next??

where does Kevin Glenn go next??

Is it Edmonton that he needs to complete his tour of all CFL teams? :smiley:

Never played a down in Toronto

To the next team that loses their starter.....

No, but he was briefly traded to Toronto by SK before being flipped to Winnipeg the same day.

I'm pulling for Edmonton...And Halifax!

Halifax would be awesome; Kevin was very upset after he did not get a chance to play in Ottawa.
Maybe he should just retire, his stats in playoffs are not that great over last couple of years.

The answer is -- Edmonton:

The league needs to issue a set of Kevin Glenn bobble heads, one for each team.

"Collect 'em all!"

What a great idea ?

I'm in!

And should you "collect 'em all" your reward a Tim Hortons gift card....

One bobble head down , eight to go . ;D

Just would love to see KG win a grey cup.

Well... he's not here, so I'd honestly be fine with never* seeing him win a cup....

argument goes out the window if he happens to be playing the argos in the final