Where does each team stand before free agency?

Once again, the CFL’s free agency communication window has not failed to dazzle.

It’s a blur. It’s a blizzard. It’s a blurry blizzard.

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One thing I can’t understand, is why the Als don’t resign James Tuck. He can’t be that expensive. Over the last 4 weeks take a look of replays and you will see he was involved in at least 10 major plays for Montreal. Whether it was the last block to set Stanback free for the Grey Cup touchdown or the block to give the Als a kickoff return touchdown after Toronto had just score, or the seal he put on the end to stop 2 Argos from stopping Antwi’s touchdown run or his first down reception that should have been stopped short. Check the film, Tuck is not a classy styled player. He just plays smash-mouth football from the opening kick-off to the final whistle. Pay him , He’s worth it