Where does CFL.ca take its infos?

I read this on today’s front page article of CFL.ca (about tonight’s game Mtl vs. Ott):

« Anthony Calvillo will be the starting QB for Montreal, but starting in the No. 2 position is Ell Roberson, with Ted White filling in the third spot. Roberson may take a majority of the snaps to show his stuff to Coach Matthews. »

Where did they get that info from? As much as I wish they were right, it simply goes against everything I read about the QB situation in Montreal. The Don said all week long that his #2 QB, Ted White, would hop on the field tonight when Calvillo decided he is done practicing, and that Calvillo might very well play 75% of the game…

Anybody knows where CFL.ca take its infos?..

I really couldnt help ya on that on Third And Ten but i just finisehd reading that article as well…part of it makes sense but i always thought that Ted White was montreals second stringer as well…maybe things haev changed this week???

Ell Roberson is listed as second on the Montreal depth chart…but I will pass along and maybe they will update.

And what about the number 2 QB taking the majority of the snaps? That wasn’t on the depth chart too, was it? :wink:

See? Changed already…I get things done. Spoke with the writer and depth charts are always a good indication of who will play when, but they are nothing if not flexible.


i was wondering the same thing, but the article is now changed :slight_smile:

I see your point Kahluaz. Depths charts are good indicators… but an indicator is not hard info. It is important for the CFL to know its site is seen as a premier source of info for the fans.

Usually, when we see different information in the media and on the league’s own website, we logically have to assume the media is wrong, because reporters can understand things wrong or have too many subjects to cover in one day to really focus on the details of one thing, whereas the league has an insider look at itself and is dedicated to only one thing: CFL Football.

It is important for its image and its credibility never to be wrong about itself. Like they said in Spider-Man (what a source of wisdom!) “With great powers comes great responsibilities.”

The CFL should then never assume any information based on indicators, no matter how high are the chances these indicators are right.

I thank you for your quickness to act and for your usual response to our questions.


Anytime - always here to keep the lines of communication open.


… and to keep us from adding (removed by Kahluaz) to the conversations. :wink:

That is correct.