Where do you want the PanAm stadium?

It would appear the Spec story has generated some interest. :wink:

The Spec story was a very short version of a long conversation, and it did not include the more important points I was trying to convey - namely that the Tiger-Cats official position has been and remains that we don't care where the Stadium gets built as long as it is in Hamilton.

I suggested several spots as examples, including at Hwy 6 and 403, ie near Aldershot. The Spec then implied I was suggesting it be built in Burlington which I did not suggest. My point was that we should do the analysis and put the stadium where it will have the biggest economic benefit to the city. Which, to their credit, is exactly the analysis the Mayor and Council will be working on for the next few months.

But given the interest on these forums and elsewhere, and to ensure we don't overlook a great location we are not currently considering - where do -you- think we should build the stadium?

Well Bob,

Thanks for posting this. I'm sure you will get lots of replies and suggestions. Let's just hope that people read your intro before they Bash you! Obviously you have stated your preference to have it in Hamilton.

HOWEVER, the fact remains that those who are going to put up the money and will be "on the hook" for maintaining it will be doing their due-diligence to see it goes in the best place.

Obviously close to major access highways and at least the opportunity to add public transportation would be a must. I travel 2 hours each way to see games and parking and access would be first and foremost.

I know if I was willing to put down $25 million for naming rights...I think I'd know where it should go.

I'm confident that wherever it goes it will be done right! :wink:

In the Hammer Mr Young. :wink:

Lancaster Stadium at Harbourfront Park. :smiley:
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7)

Hi Bob,

Glad you decided to check out the interest in the Ticat forum. It`s a very big subject as you can see from all of the Ticat fans.

As long as you keep it in Hamilton, that`s all that matters to me :smiley: If I were to choose either the Harbourfront or a downtown location.

  1. IWS reno
  2. Confederation Park
  3. Sir John A McDonald site
  4. Rheem

Immediately south of the present IWS across Cannon St. Model it on the present stadium ( as per Yankee Stadium)

Confederation park, great access for all. Were ever you end up putting it please be sure there is enough parking for all, I am tired of parking on someones lawn and walking 6-8 blocks.
Doc 8)

Gotta love an owner who does this. A big :thup: for him posting this.

I'm pretty happy with the Rheem site, we often park up in that direction when we go to Bulldog games, It wouldn't be a problem doing the reverse by parking downtown and walking to the game.

Somewhere in NorthWest Calgary would be just fine.

Oh man, I'm going to sound like a terribly broken record here but I firmly believe, (from my, yet to be achieved, bazillionare perch :cry: ) as I always have, that it must go near where the Lincoln Alexander Parkway meets up with the Red Hill Expressway......

Why?.....HUGE visual impact for the stadium and all advertising associated with it's tenant(s), upcoming extra-curricular events, sponsors etc, etc.

Also, ease of parking (yes, big spenders (customers) want to be entertained royally and painlessly)

And most importantly, the fan base will now grow in leaps and bounds, with relative ease, to Brantford, Haldimand County, Norfolk County, Grimsby, Beamsville and in fact all of Niagara not to mention the ease of reaching the stadium to existing fans in Ancaster, Binbrook (huge developments going on there), Burlington, Dundas, Stoney Creek, the entire east end, west end, downtown and all of Hamilton Mountain......in fact, more will come from these areas than are now I believe.

The big box developments are going in there fast and furious as is new homes and there is a reason........they did their research and that's where the money is being spent ....the future generation of die-hard Ticats fans need that type of location to spend their money with pleasure as they grow with the team.............also, this would serve the PanAm Games perfectly as everyone within a hundred miles can find the facility easily.......or, at least their GPS can :wink:

Mr.Young,I get the feeling that you're not too keen on the harbourfront site.I'm not shocked.

Would this be because of the lack of everything else around a new stadium?By that I mean it seems the city thinks that a stadium and a few condo's are going to spur development in that area.To me,a stadium and a few condo's won't amount to a hill of beans over the long term.In the end,if the park is built on the Rheem property,all we will have is a new stadium in a crummy part of town,with little to do before or after a game,and,almost no parking.I think it would be a real shame,and an irreperable mistake,if there's nothing other than that in the plans for the area.In fact,if the choice is between the Rheem property and Ivor Wynne Stadium,I think it would be better to spend the money on renovating Ivor Wynne.You would have the same problems as the Rheem property but at least there is alot of history AND the basic stadium infrastructure available now.

My thinking is more allong the lines of AKT on this issue.The only difference is that I would switch #1 for #2.To me,the Confederation Park idea is the most viable.Here's why...

#1.It immediately satisfies the highway access issue with the Centennial Parkway interchange

#2.It's on the waterfront and is a location people would have little or no hang ups about going to.

#3.It could accomodate alot of parking.This is something that Ivor Wynne and the Rheem property cannot.

#4.There is already a fair amount of entertainment infrastructure already available in the area.This could be added to,with a new stadium being the centrepiece on the waterfront trail.

the scott park location would be a good place for a new ron lancaster stadium. it was be right on the new lrt line on king, BUT whereever the stadium is located please put it where there is already regular public transit is available as confederation doesn't have regular daily transit service

Downtown Waterfront is far and away my choice.
As I've droned on and on and on about in the past, I believe it sets us up for the best economical 'bang' for the broader community and is the most socially appropriate/ responsible place.

Ron Joyce Stadium can seat 12,000, so that really is the answer to accomodating the 2 weeks of track and field.
Renovate Ivor Wynne Stadium, utilizing the Brian Timmins site with multi-level parking and a sprawling eating and drinking concourse. Brian Timmins is not a small area, so imagine the possibilities.

My vote (if I had one) would be for the Confederation Park area. For many of the reasons already mentioned here - I think it is by far the best for access from all directions. Close to the QEW, Centennial Parkway, and the Red Hill Expressway/Linc combo. There would be lots of parking, and there are pleasant surroundings.

What about a major transit line now or in the future? All the plans for new light rail and GO-transit arteries are downtown. I suppose the proposed GO line through LIUNA and Stoney Creek might be accessible from Confederation Park?

I don't know how many attend Cats games from the GTA, but I definitely come down on the GO QEW express bus or trains when available and use the Ti-Cats express to the stadium.

Thanks for clearing this up Caretaker, wow the media can cause a lot of s.... EH , IMHO the Bay front is the location already studied and addressed as the best location. but as long as its in Hamilton and can seat 50,000+ for Grey Cup game(s). and while we have your attention, why not challenge the Bills to a exhibition game against our(your) TiGer Cats. as the only way to combat the nfl media hype is to beat them on the field!!

Mr. Young,

My first choice would be the Harbourfront location. I'll be honest, I will attend Hamilton Tiger-Cat games no matter where the stadium is located. I come in from Toronto and meet up with family and friends once I get in to town on gamedays.

But I feel a location in or very close to the downtown core is an important piece to a worthwhile downtown revitalization plan. The stadium is only one part of the process, but it is an important one. Combine it with increased public transit access, affordable mixed-use real estate and rental properties, specialized retail businesses, and tax breaks for corporations that re-locate their head offices downtown, and I think you have a great chance for success in retaining and attracting young, educated people to re-energize and spend their money in downtown Hamilton.

I think the mayor and city council are taking a step in the right direction by conducting studies and doing the proper due diligence. Combine that with the input of the Hamilton business community, I have faith they will make the right decision.

And if they screw this up, I'll never let them hear the end of it!

  • paul

Confederation Park (for reasons stated in previous posts). Game-day transit links from Eastgate LRT could be arranged.

I have "downtown revival fatigue". Hamilton has more than one downtown (Dundas and Stoney Creek have lovely downtowns!) Unless they can bring back Right House, Woolworth's, Zellers, Robinson's and Eatons, Hamilton downtown's time has passed. End of editorial. 8)