Where do you see the CFL in ten years?

Where do you see the CFL in ten years?

Thats the question on my mind right now for me personally I can see it being one of two ways

1.) The shirnks a few teams after another failed attempt to get a franchise back in Ottawa and the nfl sets up shop in T.O causing the arogs franchise to fold because of lack of intrest.(Honestly I hope I'm wrong on this one)

2.) The CFL finally stands up and expands to a 10 or 12 team league

So where does every one else seee the league in ten years?

mostly on TSN

In ten years the CFL at best will have a team back in Ottawa and have its existing stadiums standing to building codes.

I wish there existed the right situation to get this league up to 12 teams but it hasn't happened (other than US expansion) and I don't see it happening domestically with the current owners.

It would take something revolutionary like a filthy rich investor to come and swoop up this league and work with other sporting and exhibition groups in Canada to expand and redevelop Canada's stadium infrastructure to get the competition up to the 12 teams needed to really sell the league and have it compete with the NHL playoffs and snow squall warnings in the national spotlight.

If the current set of owners keep running the show, at best a stable 9 team league in a decade.

I’m going stick with the consensus on this one, in 10 years the league will be looking to say they have:

1 - A stable franchise in Ottawa

2 - A new/renovated stadium in Hamilton and possibly Regina, with minor upgrades to all other stadiums

3 - Possibly another increase in Percival Stadium capacity on top of the upcoming increase to 25k, to maybe 30k

4 - A larger CDN cable TV deal and possibly a deal with a small US network (probably just for playoffs or the Grey Cup)

5 - Stable Toronto market no matter if there is or is not an NFL team in town

I would think these would be the sort of goals they would have, nothing too ambitious but increasing revenue, average attendence and bringing in one new team would be a sure sign of stability and growth.

No doubt there will be expansion talk and there will most likely be exhibition games played in Moncton/QC/Halifax and London but I would say that besides QC, if Bellemare keeps trying to drum up support, I don’t think there will be any serious expansion moves other than Ottawa, in the next 10 years.

A six-team league playing on Tuesdays and Saturday afternoon so as not to upset Canada's team, the Toronto Saints... :roll:

That was awesome. :lol:

Winnipeg and Ottawa will likely have new stadiums. Regina and Hamilton may also have new stadiums. People will continue to mention expansion to Halifax and other cities, unless Canada puts in a successful bid to host the FIFA World Cup. That would result in new facilities across the country.

I see 10 teams for sure. now, where is that 10th team?

hmmm… I guess it’s dependant on who builds a stadium first. Quebec City, or Halifax?

the league will be strong of course. the salary cap will be around 5 Million.

Ottawa will be a good team finally and may win a Grey Cup… but not before the Riders do again! :slight_smile:

In 10 years I CFL in the year 2018.

Hopefully more grassroots than now albeit not sure exactly what I mean by that. More accessible in whatever ways to cities that do not have teams as well as cities with teams. And this should be a good thing.

I know, not very concrete but this is the idea I have in my head about where I see the CFL in ten years.

I read today that the PEPS @ Laval U will be able to seat 18 000 next year. It's a long way from 30 000 but it's a start.

I had a debate about this with a few buddies last year, they thought that the Bills meant the end of the CFL in five years. The game itself might sell out now that some CFL fans need a football fix, but the Bills coming to Toronto has not quite been what some had evisioned. I wonder if the Bills' owner is second guessing himself on if it was the right move or not-- the CFL will always be around, the league has a survival instinct.

In ten years I see 8 teams. The Bills move to Toronto, and the Argo's owners move the Argo's to Ottawa. Or we will already have a team in Ottawa, but because the fans in Ottawa suck they will have moved to Quebec City, and by doing that they will pave the way for the Argo's to move to Ottawa only to fail miserably in Ottawa with 3 years of moving there. So therefore, with in the next ten years we will see the league go from 8 to 9 times, back to 8 with an NFL team smiling evilishly down on the CFL.

I'm not so sure the NFL will be in Canada as much as I think they'd love to be. Yes, the Dec. 7 game will be a sellout but Rogers is having to work much harder at this than they thought they'd have to. A lot of people are questioning the ticket prices and the NFL doesn't like this. And I was reading this in The Star the other day:

[i]According to one insider, the NFL is "upset" with the way its Canadian debut has been bungled.

"We're certainly monitoring and watching closely," NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said.

That close scrutiny could damage Ted Rogers' goal of luring an NFL club to Toronto. In the interim, the Rogers team continues to talk up the CFL and its prospects.[/i]


Ottawa will be back, and doing fine - that ownership group can turn the entire Ottawa fiasco from the past 30-odd years into a success story. I'm not holding my breath on Canada winning the 2014 World Cup (as incredibly sweet as that would be) so IMO, the only chance we'll have at any decent stadiums in Halifax or QC is if Winnipeg and Ottawa do go ahead with their renos and they prove to be a success. Hopefully that happens and it causes people to jump on the bandwagon.

Ten teams is a very distinct possibility within the next 10-15 years, especially if things continue to go as well as they have with the league, and some new or improved stadiums start popping up in the 9 existing cities. The CFL is doing as well right now as they were in the 80's - so as long as it avoids the downturn that happened in the 90's, it's only logical to seriously pursue a 10th team.

And the Bills will not have moved to Toronto.

Don't be so sure it will be a sellout.
Tickets are being discounted and offered more then one half price to all Rogers employees. That to me is a sign of desperation and good on Rogers. Now with the Can $ down to the 80c mark, the game will be another financial blood bath.

To quote Fielding Mellish, this game will be a "a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham." :lol: People will probably be falling asleep in their seats.

In ten years the CFL will have nine teams and be as popular as ever in Canada.

In ten years i see the CFL with a division in Europe established by linking up with http://www.efaf.de/ And the CFL will have stronger ties with Canadian junior football http://www.cjfl.ca/ setting up an joint schedule with CIS 12 to 14 regular season games http://www.universitysport.ca/e/football/index.cfm (but with two separate playoffs ) Because of these alignments the CFL talent level surpasses that of the nfl and gains popularity in public opinion , resulting in several northern nfl teams seeking to join the CFL !

Just to clarify...the 2014 World Cup has already been awarded to Brazil. It is expected a N.A. country will be favoured to win a 2018 bid but as of right now it's expected that Mexico and U.S. will submit a bid, in addition to the potential for Canada enteringa bid.

The pros to Canada being the best N.A. bid would be:

  1. they put off a great Junior World Cup, minus that police vs Chile incident

  2. they will eb the only country from N.A. (not counting the caribbean or central america) to have not yet been awarded the event so for a change they may be considered

  3. with and injection of cash the country could could meet the stadium requirements based on the precedents of the last few hosts (10 stadiums with capacity of atleast 40K) it'd require additional seating in (Cal, Reg, Wpg, Ham and Ottawa) plus a new stadium built in another Canadian city (Hfx or QC probably?) and as for the fact that stadiums need to open Vancouver would have the retractable roof by then and the US used the Silverdome when they hosted so the Big O could be used.

The cons to Canada being the best N.A. would be:

  1. Not a large country wide following for soccer

  2. With the exception of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver not a strong pro soccer presence

  3. No HUGE stadium...all previous hosts have held the finals in open air stadiums that hold atleast 69K and up to 90K so a new stadium for the finals would likely have to be built in the southern Ontario region most likley

Anyways, please add opinions to the world cup possibility if you like, I woudln't hold my breath for it either Canuckev...just wanted to clarify that the 2014 WC has already been awarded

Very Good FYB Very Good! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Very good post. I think a tenth team is a long ways away. A healthy Ottawa franchise first.