Where do you park for Ticats games?

If you drive to the games, where do you generally park?...

My son showed me a secret side-street north of Barton St, east of Sherman......there's always room to park there....

any tips for the 87,000 Argo fans invading Ivor Wynne this coming weekend? :wink:

And now that you've said that there won't be room to park there.

My son showed me a secret side-street north of Barton St, east of Sherman......there's always room to park there....
Thanks, i always had trouble finding parking.

Ya right, like I am going to give away where I park.

That's what I'm saying....

My parking spot is the only secret I have and it's staying that way. Then again, parking for TiCat games is part of the charm of IWS.

That it is ... lol .... All I`ll say about mine is that I have a little jaunt to get to my car but sometimes you have to wind down after a Cat game . Win or lose . They never seem to win home games easily so the walk helps !!!

I park beside Bob.


In my Laz-E-Boy here in Montreal... :smiley: : :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Then again, i do like to get to the game nice and early so as to avoid this and take in the pre-game experience.

My dad likes the Gas station on Barton (the one with the coin wash that is near the Subway... five or ten bucks to park there, depending on how well the Cats are doin... lol)

Just one....stay home !! :lol: :lol:

If i'm getting to the game early, I park just off of Gage north of Barton.

If i'm getting to the game on or around kickoff I take the shuttle from Eastgate square.


Notice to anyone who parks in someone's driveway:
If I park behind you, please be aware that I do not leave games early. Even if we are losing. Feel free to leave halfway through the 4th quarter and sit in your car thinking angry thoughts. But one of those thoughts should be "Gee, next time I think I'll park someplace where I won't be blocked in."

I park my butt in Section 24 row ZZ seat 1

Centre Mall, by the Beer store.

It is only a 10-15 minute walk and by the time you get to your car after the game the traffic isn't so bad.

Plus after a win, or loss it is fun to walk down Barton street.

Ex Pat:
I have no problem with folks like yourself who stay to the bitter end, but the ones who show up 1 to 1 2/2 hours AFTER the game are truly inconsiderate and really piss me off.

If your an argo fan you can park on the QEW,just before hwy#20,just sit their and wait a bus will come and get you.If for some reason the bus doesnt come just keep waiting till it gets there.LMAO.Sorry couldnt resist.

I park in my driveway. One of the benefits of living in central Hammytown. The game is just 4 or 5 blocks away. I love the buzz in the hood on game days. Lots of people. Lots of noise. It's awesome! Really livens up the neighbourhood.