Where do you live?

Haven't seen a topic on this yet ... and no, I'm not trying to stalk anyone!

I'm really curious to see how everyone who visits this site is "spread out" over Canada. I'm particularly interested to see how many people are from Atlantic Canada, since Halifax is the prime candidate for an expansion team.

So if you're looking at this thread, just quickly click where you live! Cheers.

why would you want to move to Manitoba?.. i have heard little to nothin good about it.

why would you want to move to Manitoba?.. i have heard little to nothin good about it.

Hi all, born, raised and living in Ottawa. Already have a tombstone with my name on it. So I’m here for ever, and would never want to live anywhere else. Although I do love visiting the rest of Canada. I’d live in Halifax or Kingston Ontario if I had to though.

Winterpeg, Manitscolda

THE WARM HEARTS of the people in the PEG. make up for all that cold weather…better than that grey-dingy center of the universe that we disaffectionatley call TORRANNA. :smiley: :smiley:

Hamilton born and raised. That should explain a lot.

Born and raised in the Ottawa Valley. Now call Southern Alberta home. I love Ontario and Alberta. If it is possible, I'd like to say I'm both.

But was born in 1965 and raised one hour north of N.Y.C., also have lived(briefly) in Georgia and Connecticut. Moved out to Ohio in 1998 been here ever since.

Saskatoon Baby!

What is this cold you speak of? We never get freezing temperatures out here in coastal California!

Honestly, I just experienced my first Canadian winter in December/January, and I have to say, it's not as incredibly painful as previously thought, but you still can't go outside :frowning:

Born and raised in Edmonton.

where did you spend this "Canadian" winter?... to experience the true cold you gotta go to the prairies, preferably nothern like Grande Prairie or Churchill... but if you went to Vancouver or the Okanagan Valley then that was just a brief cool part of the year, not winter

Must've punted you outta there when they first saw you spell "Connetucut"... :shock:

I dunno, looks and feels pretty warm and sunny out there to me...when you get past the smoke. And besides who'd want all that activity and culture anyway... :wink:

Born in Vancouver, Live in the Cariboo / Southern Interior....Pass the sun tan lotion, I'm getting burn't cutting the grass...again..........

same... thank god it rained today or id be mowin the damn lawn right now... stupid weather...

I gotta admit, I’m disappointed to see only one maritimer here … I was hoping to see a lot of them. I want to see that there’s interest in the CFL out there …

Lived in London, England; Toronto, The 'peg (one year); Regina, Edmonton, and Vancouver. I've visited from St. John's to Whitehorse.
All the Canadian cities I have lived in are great - each has its good and less good features. I wouldn't knock any Canadian city, especially if I hadn't lived there for at least a year to experience all seasons.

Yeah Canada, eh!

born in poland...living in germany :smiley: