Where do y'all go?

I was just wondering where everybody checks out the latest football news.

I mostly use CFL.ca & NFL.com.

I happened across www.footballgameplan.com

CBS Sports.com is good too.

What do y'all use?

I use, www.idiotsthatwanttoknowevenmoreaboutfootball.com

It's great!

Lemme know if that site actually works. How much more could you possibly want to know about football after using...



First of all . . . IT DOES'NT WORK!!!
Second of all . . . I want more more more.
Third of all . . . I detect some sarcasm in your tone of type. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry. Wait........ok, I turned the "tone" off.

The only other thing I can suggest, aside from the numerous sports websites and channels is actually attending each and every CFL and NFL game. I hope you can do this. Please send me e-postcards!

In no particular order.


I like cnnsi.com. Gotta get me some Dr Z rankings. :slight_smile:

Dr Z is the best!

I love She says, Z says! lol

As well, www.profootballtalk.com is pretty sweet. All of the rumours are there and they are right a lot of the time