Where do we need to make the biggest upgrades (changes)

Here are my positions of where I think we need the biggest upgrades....

Defensive Line (Subtract Romero)

Offensive Line (Insert that 6'9 guy Mcdonell I think his name is please correct me if I'm wrong)

Back-Up QB (Simple as inserting Bergquist, reminds me of Tate..)

Running Back (Unless we use a Double RB system next season (Cates, West) one of the two need to go Cates can't run the ball well enough while West can he probably will never have the same blocking skills that Cates has we need to draft or sign a guy that can do both.

Defensive Backs/Corners (Since the losses of Morgan, and Davis we've had a roatating system of inexperianced and simple bad coverage DB's (one bright spot being Butler) We have a good foundation of Butler, Jackson and Patrick and sometimes mackenzie (on a good day) but we need that shut down guy like a not a Brandon Browner was or a Dwight Anderson (without the adittude

Question is which one do we spend our First overall Draft pick on and remember these guys aren't exactly franchise saviours, Shomari has been a good special teams guy thats pretty much it, and I haven't heard Muamba's name been called all season with Winnipeg (I don't know if he had an injury or not) but lets see what we can do it's going to be an off-season we won't soon forget

I think that Offensive Line is the biggest area, that and defensive Secondary.

we have issues in both areas.

I think that if the guy from Sask is the #1 prospect.. you have to wonder if he's going to go to the NFL.

if so, I say trade the #1 pick to another team for one of their starting O-Lineman.

i will defer to the limitless other threads on this.

where do we need the biggest upgrades?

I'd say in the Win column!


I don't know where your looking there big guy but there is not ONE other thread like this on the first page of the Rider Forum. Anyways if there is who cares? They are probably different in some way.

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