Where do we go from here?

Yeah...and that guy behind the grassy knoll was there in case WVU didn't hire him away...you know, a plan B so we could save the money...

If Taffee walks..and I would bet he does, regardless of the latest ( He is not leaving statements ).
Obie has no dought, forthought this very real possiablity regarding Taffee.
I always thought Taffee was highly over-rated as a coach in the CFL.
This is one fan who thinks it would be a ( good ) thing, if Charlie did leave.
One way or another....


You can't commit to a guy who can't commit to his team and his word...

It leaves us in a bind but if Charlie was snooping around in WV as reported in another topic then he can't stay here.

This is the only road for Hamilton now. You can't bring in another assistant coach now (ie Richie Hall or Greg Marshall)and expect harmony with the newly hired OC and DC. These hires were Obie's not Charlie's so Obie has to take over in the short term.
I can't for the life of me see where this would be a bad thing. Bob O'Billovich has probably forgot more about CFL coaching (and he has the record to prove it) then all the other candidates that keep getting mentioned.
I know the other teams in the Eastern Conference are probably hoping Obie will hire untried HC who will take half the season to learn on the job. I don't care how great an assistant coach they have been. Until they actually get in the hot seat nobody knows how they will perform. A few are born for the job (Bouno, Mathews, Austin, Obie) but most fail or are average at best.
Maybe Obie feels at this stage in his life he can't do the HC job anymore, but I think he can and will.

Or Obie starts the season on the field, tutoring his replacement. I think that both OC and DC candidates were hired with an eye to having them take over anyway, this just speeds up the process

Funny how Ron Lancaster was too old to coach and the game had passed him by.... yet Obie for coach seems like such a great idea?

Come on Hamilton.

I think its a terrible idea but realistically at this late date our options are limited. Besides I threw that out as a plan that Obie might have had all along should Taffe bomb out.


Make Obie the coach and you'll find a whole new level of bad press and CFL fan ridicule you never thought existed.


that really hurt charlie

I certainly think Obie can coach the team, but at his age, it might be unfair to ask him to be GM and HC.

As an alternative, I would try turning the reins over to Danny Creehan to head coach and find a replacement for his coordinator job.

One word YUCK :thdn: