Where do we go from here?

Looks like there will be another backward transition in TiCat land. Have the assistance and now we just need a head coach. A new head coach would want to bring in his own staff and not be handcuffed by what there is in polace here already. This is not going to fly. Another disaster of a season is coming up.

Good Luck to management. They are going to need it!


Can you say Bob O Billovich as Head Coach!!!!!

No I can’t.

Look on the bright side, this didn't happen in March and Obie really now will have someone he hires. Glass half empty or half full.

I’m with you Earl. Now OB can get his guy in. Say goodbye to the coaching staff of 07… Can’t get much worse now can it?

8) What else can happen to this sad sack team next ????? Boy, the fans will just be running to renew their season tix now !!!!! :roll:


Maybe Greg Marshall (the other).
As far as our Greg Marshall. You can NEVER go back...its one those rules that applies just about everywhere.

That's exactly why Taaffe left this clown show.

Don't think for a second that the Cats brass didn't maneuver this whole thing to this end. They made Taaffe's position an impossible one to stay with for any man of character.

This way the Cats don't have to pay Taaffe anymore like they would have if they fired him.

This whole thing is nothing new for this contemptible organization

Where do we go?

We obviously head into Year 1 of a 5-year plan. This is nothing new. We've done that already so many times that it should be routine.

New faces, same old scenario. The only constant is Bob's money flushing down the sewer.

The key question now has nothing to do with names or faces. The question is, "How long can Bob put up with it?

Now that daffy Taaffy is gone??? I Predict the Ticats will host the Eastern Final. IMHO bring Greg Marshall back to Be the D.C and move Creehan up to H.C -oskee wee wee

I wonder if the Cats will consider Winnipeg’s Greg Marshall or Saskatchewan’s Richie Hall for head coach? Or what about Tom Higgins or Steve Buratto, who have also interviewed for HC jobs this off-season.

Obie’s choice would probably be Dave Richie, but is Richie, at his age, done with coahing?

Answer: Up!

:D :D :D

Apparently Taaffe has denied the West Virginia hire directly to Scott Mitchell, according to the online Spec article RFTT has linked to in another thread. Until I hear something official from that school, I will not jump the gun on speculation.

Oski Wee Wee,

I wonder if there has ever been a first year coach that has had any success with a team?????????

Lets stop crying and complaining about starting over and realize that this can still be turned around in time for camp

Did you choose your nickname along the lines of naming a white horse Midnight?

Where do we go?

Well we might end up right were we started...with Taaffe as the coach.

I can see it now , every time we lose if Taffe comes back itll be because hes tanking it and wants to leave ....

A coach that has had success in his first year with a team?

Do you mean like Kent Austin and the Saskatchewan Roghriders?

You do know that they won the Grey Cup this past year. :wink:

Do you mean that kind of success? (I write sarcastically)


The Bassman
DVD 8)

Reality is, when an American coach comes to the CFL. Eventually He'll want to go back to the States. Remember they make more money. If you could be back close to home, have more money, work with someone you know well, wouldn't we all want to go back???? SM and Bob will make the best decisions, but this decision to leave is Charlie's no one else's...Remember that everyone involded in the organization wants to succeed!!!Let's not panic..


Thank goodness there is someone on this form that can pick up on sarcasm and humor.

Lets just all take a break from this and see where the chips fall