where do they get the stats?

they guys in the booth roll out even the most obscure stats and other facts constantly.

I sure would like to be able to have access to these stats.

for instance, I would like to be able to separate for each team, how many offensive, defensive, and st points they have this yr.

be nice to know which offense has scored the most points so far.

The teams issue media info packages prior to each game. Somehow, I got a couple for the Renegades. They are incredibly detailed so in a sense, it's impressive that some of the announcers pick out the nuggets to use.

FYB it's all there for you my friend in the game notes that are released along with the team depth charts every game. They are listed alongside the depth charts on every team's site and have a plethora of stats and info available to the announcers as well as us fans who want to check out certain stats ,historical data ,trends and team and league updated information. Just download it and away you go.

It's all just a click away for anyone interested. Hopefully this helps you out in accessing all the stats and data you are looking for in the future.

Here is the link to all your info about your BC Lions


I mean for all teams for all games together for the season.

ie: how much of ham points for the season are from the offense. I am not going to got through each game to add them up. Shouldn't have to.

Here is a thread from the B.C. Lions fan-site "Lionbackers" which explains how to access detailed CFL stats (thank you to the posters for their contribution!):

[b]sj-roc wrote:[/b]
[b]B.C.FAN wrote:[/b] The CFL this year has bolstered the stats in its weekly stats package. You have to download the weekly PDF from the stats page at cfl.ca to get them.

More information is contained in the Game Notes published by the league and posted the day before each game at bclions.com (under the Game Day tab).

For in-game stats and play-by-play I use CFL Live Play (liveplay.cflcentral.com).

The stats page at CFLdb (stats.cfldb.ca) is also useful, especially for historical stats.

My favourite source is still the weekly Game Analysis reports published by the league at cflmedia.ca. You need a password to get into the stats pages. Most but not all of these stats are summarized in the weekly Game Notes.

I don't know if this is the same set of stats packages you're referring to, but at the bottom of every page on cfl.ca there's a collection of links grouped into four categories: "Our League", "Our Teams", "Affiliate Sites", "Media".

The last link in the "Media" group is for the "CFL media portal" which if you go there has tons of statistics and game reports, all in PDF form, no password req'd, just click on the "CFL documents" link and navigate from there.

Also regarding liveplay.cflcentral.com, there are no posted links for the full database on that site that I've found, but if you're clever enough with how to manually edit the URLs for each individual game, it goes all the way back to 2008 although some games here and there appear to be missing and/or have incomplete stats/reports.

For example, here's the fully intact stat report from our first game in 2008, a 28-18 loss to Cgy:

[url=http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/10_2008_cfllive_scoreboard.html]http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/ ... board.html[/url]

And here's the fully intact play-by-play description of the same game:

[url=http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/10_2008_cfllive_playbyplay.html]http://liveplay.cflcentral.com/LPFiles/ ... yplay.html[/url]

Each of these two pages contains a link back to the other.

These URLs are all the same for every game back through 2008 in the database except for the 10_2008 part; the part before the underscore is the game number where it falls chronologically on the schedule for the year indicated after the underscore. The game numbers range 1 through 9 for the preseason part of the schedule (or 1 through 8 in the 8-team format), then 10 through 90 for the regular season (9 through 80, 8 teams) and finally 91 through 95 (81 through 85, 8 teams) for the five postseason games, with the Grey Cup being game #95 (or 85 for 8 teams). Only tricky part is these pages never give the date of the game so if you want to figure that out, you have to cross-reference with the league schedule from some other source, which could be laborious.

Original thread: http://lionbackers.com/bc_lions/viewtop ... =2&t=28325

If you look at the Game Notes, seven or eight pages down, there's a section titled "2015 TEAM OFFENSIVE & DEFENSIVE STATISTICS". This lists the breakdown of all scores by each team. For example, the one from the latest the latest BC game (http://cfl.uploads.mrx.ca/bc/downloads/downloads/2015/09/september-26-at-edmonton-game-notes2015094834.pdf) shows BC's offence scoring 214 of their 245 points this year, listing how many of each type of scoring play was made. And as I said, it lists those stats for the other eight teams as well. Then it gets into the details over the next 30 or 40 pages. You want the info? It's probably in there.

thank you guys. a lot less that the guys in the booth come up with, but a lot more than I had before. thanks again :thup:

In addition, members of the media are usually given a media guide book that has a lot of the player's historical achievements and stats. It's usually worded so it can be read live.