Ok you want to call Richardson catch a catch fine! But to not call that a fumble give me a break!! He lost the before even touching the ground!!!!!! I think these referees really need to get back to there desks and study a bit more, they really do suck this year!

When I saw that play I nearly fell off my chair. I was so mad I turned the game off. What’s the use in watching something that has no integrity? When people used to say the refs are homers I always said no, they’re just incompetent. But based on that play plus the reversal of the TD after INT last week against Saskatchewan plus one near the end of last nights Sask-Toronto game where the initial call was overturned in favour of the home team, I feel like I finally woke up and smelled the coffee. The refs are HOMERS!! I can’t take the CFL seriously any more friends. And its a shame because there are great players in the league, great fan support, great tradition and everything but because of the refs, it has no credibility. Sure I’ll still watch the games, but with a grain of salt and a bit of disdain.

I used to be a proponent of video review but there have been far to many good calls reversed after the review and turned into bad calls.
Last night's fumble was overturned in the Tor SSK game
The fumble in the MTL SSK game
Another fumble in the BC Mtl game....Not to mention that it was not a catch in the first place
And many more.

I am starting to think it is time to get rid of it

We are upset when difficult close calls
go against us, but we would boil over

if the intial call was obviously wrong,
and there was no video replays review.

It may not seem this way but
we usually get the correct call

when we have the ref and an official
up in the booth reviewing plays, ro1313.

Well I disagree!
LIke I poined out there have been examples of the right call being overturned into the wrong one......
I would rather see a wrong call with no replay than the right one being overturned

I still do not get that cal, considering he had video review, BC is weird man, too many weird calls against us over the yers in that place.

I'm selling tickets to my bandwagon.....I never liked replay from the start. :wink:

I'm still in favour of it if it is used properly