Where do the changes start

..I believe it has to be with the qb..... Glenn has to sit..The defence let down at crucial times but there was not enough production from Kevin.....he's done...something i;ve said A LOOOOONG TIME AGO... :thdn:

0-4 is a change of more than just qb.

KG still appears gun-shy to me after breaking his arm last year. I've seen guys break their arms before and it takes a while to put oneself in potentially dangerous situations.

Memories of bumbling twice in consecutive handoffs and breaking his arm during his last play of the season is still messing with his head.

He almost seems allergic to Charles Roberts. It's taken Kevin 3 1/2 games to get comfortable enough to handoff regularly to Roberts.

Give Glenn time. I think he'll be fine by midseason. We should give him the benefit of the doubt. We developed him and he deserves some slack after all he's done for us.

...my gawd man....leave Glenn in....that's like the wireless operator on the Titanic saying...' oh we have a hole in our hull...maybe i should send out a message'...Glenn is an imobile qb. ... can't get it done when it counts...serves up ducks for easy pickins...throws into quadruple coverage,,,what else do you want to hear...Glenn needs to sit and see what the other guys can do...and i mean guys ...that includes Randall...We can't do any worse in whats happening on the field now....The defence delivered for the most part of the game last night...the offence didn;t....and yes ...maybe our o line isn't what it should be....but they ain't throwing weak passes to the opposition...the qb. is...They could have won that game last night...instead come up short because of 2 and outs and interceptions...something bloody well better change...and in a hurry... :thdn:

I'm thoroughly disgusted with the effort from everybody on the Bombers offense. Especially, with our receivers. There is just no fight in these guys. When your qb is struggling like KG has been, the receivers have to start winning the battles. Time for Berry and Cartwright to firmly plant a boot in their azzez and sit a couple of these guys out next game.

i am also thoroughly discusted

most of the defence showed up, but where was nugent when jovon fell last night? overall, though, i definately say keep nugent in there, he will be a legit starting canuck safety in due time

amos played a decent game to, but malbrough is still not getting it done, malveaux stepped up, but all malbrough does is stay behind the reciever, let him catch it, then he makes a pathetic attempt to tackle him...

i heard barrin could possibly be out for the season, so if he, sheridan and bean are all on the 9 game injured list... ring in somebody to replace malbrough! SS perhaps?

on offence, where to begin? i say try dinnwiddie, at least can evade the rush, and the guys play for him... and what the heck is wrong with charlie? has he lost it? not that i think ried can do much better however

cut malbrough and play ryan see what happens, its not like it can get any worse

There are lots of problems, but Glenn just doesn't look right to me. No intensity, no fire. His receivers aren't helping out either.

Glenn last season was a completely different guy then from what i have seen this season. No im not just talking about the stats but when he threw a pick last year, he looked like he was disguisted in himself! This year when he throws a pick, he acts like "oh whatever" you cannot have these type of guys on the field. To me i think money gets to there heads. Last year was Glenn's last year as a Bomber and he played to get signed which meaned played with intensity. Now that he got this big signing and bonus he thinks his job is safe. Charlie can't do much with his o-line. I wouldnt start hating on him yet. They really need to try him towards the outside because runnin down the middle isnt cutting it. Willie Amos looked like he was confused out there for the first little bit but then got it together.

I have always been a Bomber fan and i would hate to have to change teams now because this team is unorganized. Something needs to be done A.S.A.P

kit cartwright goes!!! he does the same god-damn plays every game and its so predictable, also kevin glenn goes 2 the offensive playbook is made for this type of shitty immobile quarterback we have and he still cannot excel, bring in the big din-din and if he doesnt work bring in RANDALL!!!

on defense put samuels in ike charltons linebacker spot or malveuxs spot and if he goes in malxeaxs spot malveux plays linebacker!!!

;;;this team would not be 0-4 if the coaching staff would have the balls to do what i suggested at the top of this page....I have never seen Glenn as anymore than a back-up...and it has finally been proven out,,,I think he;ll be dealt or cut out-right...We hung with the guy ...waaaaay too long...now we're in a scramble to get a play-off spot... :roll:

....Glenn says in the Wpg. Sun, he'll 'try to be a team player and support the change' and its always hard to be a team player...what the hell is that supposed to mean....your either on the club or you're not...This guy could be heading for the exit faster than some would have thought... :thdn:

Glenn actually said that?? At 300k he's he learned too much from Khari Jones.

I've been waiting to say this for a while now, but the time has come, I was right when saying Taman should have dealt Glenn/Simpson for Calvillo. I'd have done it in a heart beat.

At the time I made my opinions about Calvillo known on ourbombers, you see the posters running rampant with their heads cut off. It's ludicrous.

If Glenn actually said that, the man is a write off. Absolutely.

New QB, RB, and coach needed. Forget about Milt as there are many great recievers in the US. Go out and find one. Get rid of Bean by way of trade, if possible. He isn't earning his paycheck.