Where do I go to get the game

Someone help me and let me know where can I go to either watch or listen to the game..

Im in texas and dont have direct Tv or dish

900chml.com to listen live.


Do they have the play by play states, like the NFL

You can find the stats on CFL.ca, but I can't seem to find a link to it right now. Go to the site once the game starts, and the link should be somewhere on the main page.

Ok well I went to the main page of CFL.CA and I clicked on CFL broadband and its says to watch the game live its 9.95.. but there isnt any link to the game today..

I know you can watch the game on tsn.ca when they are broadcasting the games but I cant help you for the CBC broadcasted games.

The link should work. This is a CBC game, so you would click CBC International to get you here.


The game link is working.

ok well it shows that they will have the game up on the CBC channel...so my best bet to watch would be paying the 9.95 and checking out the ticats kick booty...