Where do I find info about all the Grey Cup hot spots?

I will be arriving into Toronto late Friday night. Where do I find out about all of the different Grey Cup activities/locations? I tried the main Grey Cup site, but it is rather useless for the specifics.

At the bottom of Lake Ontario :wink:

Go Bombers!!

Not really sure if that's appropriate...

anyone on where I can find out about most of this stuff?


If the parties are like last year, you can't go wrong with:

Spirit of Edmonton
Touchdown Manitoba
MontreALS Huddle (got to plug my team in there :wink:)

how do I find Riderville then? I would like to know where all of these places are.

Try this

[url=http://toronto.cflgreycup.ca/index.php?module=page&id=7008]http://toronto.cflgreycup.ca/index.php? ... ge&id=7008[/url]

If you are from Regina you'll appreciate this. Regina: the only place in the world you can lose your life savings, three sheets to the wind, at Casino Regina...but you CAN'T have a beer and watch a person peel their clothes off. Here ya go....

Baby Dolls
227A Ossington Avenue
Toronto ON, Canada
Phone: 416-516-6500

Brass Rail
701 Yonge Street
Toronto ON, Canada
Phone: 416-924-1241
Web Address: http://www.brassrailtavern.com/

Caddy`s Strip Club
2787 Eglinton Avenue East
Toronto ON, Canada
Phone: 416-266-4600
Web Address: http://www.caddysstripclub.com

Club Paradise
1313 Bloor Street West
Toronto ON, Canada
Phone: 416-535-0723



I hear all the Riders fans are meeting at the Humpties near the Skydome for bacon and eggs.

Tiger Town, Convention Centre should be good too. Wife and me planning on going to the Great Big Sea - Spirt of the West concert at the Convention Centre Sat. night. I'm a 5'7" bald-is-beautiful guy and wife is a long haired brunette (with some gray, hehe Lovey)sort of Lily Munsters (hehe Lovey) kinda look alike.
Vanier Friday night first though.

And we will enjoy those eggs.
Will the Lion fans be joining us after they all meet inside the phone booth on the corner of Bloor and Younge?

I guess they go into the phone booth after getting all hot and bothered at some of the peep parlours, eh? :lol:

Most of the stuff will be at or near the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. However, for the things not at the Convention Centre:

Calgary Pancake Breakfast (Thursday & Friday 11 am) - Simcoe Park; east of the CBC Building

Spirit of Edmonton Hospitality Suite and Breakfast (Breakfast's sold out) - Sheraton Centre; across from City Hall

The webber naturals Legends Luncheon is at Windows Restaurant at the Rogers Centre on Friday, but tickets are $87 a pop to get in

Touchdown Manitoba - Hilton Hotel Richmond & University; about a couple blocks southwest from the Sheraton Centre.. the Ottawa Caravan will be there on Friday night too

MontreALS Huddle - Circa Nightclub John St. between Richmond and Adelaide; a short walk north of a Hooters and a block south from the Muchmusic studios so you could be a drunken idiot on TV while contemplating why Stroumboulopoulos left the station

Then there's the street parties Thursday through Sunday on Front Street near the Convention Centre's North Building and Bremner Street near the MTCC's South Building

There's a whole list of events, and associated costs at: http://toronto.ctv.ca/servlet/an/local/ ... orontoHome