Where did you play?

Where did you play your football and did anyone you played with/against make it to the CFL? I was a backup QB at Beaconsfield HS in Beaconsfield Quebec in 1958/59.

i play for Dr. J.H Gillis High School in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and have played for 3 years, and yet to play my senior year. i've had 4 teammates of mine go on to play CIS, one of whom won a vanier cup ring with Wilfred Laurier university 2 years ago.

....played HS fball at Windsor HS in North Vancouver in '79, '80 and '81...TE in grade 10, Free Safety in 11 and 12 (we played 11 men four down rules)...Peter Vandenbos was a senior fullback in my grade 11 year, he later went on to UBC and played Defensive Line for the Lions in the late 80s....Mrs. RedandWhite is from Kamloops and went to school with Todd Wiseman who played for the Ticats for awhile....

Hubby played as a DE for BJM in Saskatoon in the late 1980s.....don't believe any notables arose from his team....lol

my brother played for the mississauga warriors with jesse palmer one year, jesse was QB and my brother was full back.

St. Vital Mustangs, Winnipeg Hawkeyes, still playing Calgary Gators ... played with Wayne Shaw, Marcus Howell, Wayne Weathers up to junior .. Pee-Wee Smith, Todd Wiseman, Alondra Johnson in previous seasons in the AFL, and Ian Hewitt, Mike Juhasz, Ron Jenkins, Boyd Barrett this season - along with college/university stand outs Ryan Zahara, Kyle Markin, AJ Zeglen, Tony Verbrugge, Khari Joseph, Brad Bednarek, Mitch Duggan, Brad Sarna, Leigh Casey, Gomeya & Cash Cooper ... and im sure im forgetting a few - and a ton of very talented guys that didnt go the school route or just not as notorious.

played against .. too many to name.


Solid list. Didnt play football although i wanted too, but i hunted with Jason Maas, Tim Princent, and met Kevin Lefsrud. Drank beer with Maas too.

JM02: What’s BJM? I have lived in BC for a long time but I don’t recognize that school. I played my high school ball at Bedford in Saskatoon and Junior ball with the Hilltops. Football paid for the first four years of my post secondary education, so I owe the game a lot. I played with several guys that had good CFL careers (had careers – I’m getting old). I was a slot back with great hands (bias) and absolutely no speed (painful truth).

Bishop James Mahoney.

I went to university with a guy who played for the Huskies, and went on to do some coaching with the Hilltops - that was post-1998, though…

Charleswood Chargers - Defencive Line

i started playing full contact football when i was in the 4th grade.i played defensive back and by the time i was in high school i was six three 175lbs with a 4.59 40 yard dash.i camped at ohio state,grambling,and auburn.i played against atleast 15 to 25 nfl players in high school.desomd howard of cleveland st joe/university of michigan,chuck webb of toledo whitmer/university of tennesse by far he wouldnt blew his kneee out would of been one of th best running backs of alltime.myron bell of toledo whitmer/michigan state,steve tovar elyria west/THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, I CAN GO on and on i played 2 years of D-1 BALL and blew my knee out.ohio football bar far one of the best its not a sport here its religion i played in front of a sellout crowd of 35,000(a high school game) in 1989 we lost to youngtown boardmen 21 to 14 in overtime

Just played high school football at Catholic Central in London in the early 70's. Only guy I can think of I played agains't who made the CFL was Rob Kochel who ended up playing with the Stamps for a bit. And John Glassford who I think played a bit for the now defunct Ottawa Rough Riders.

Did you wear a helmet, perchance?

I played RMF football for 4 years with the Raiders, never played any highschool ball. John Makie played for the U of Manitoba, I played 1 year with him. Josh Harding who is now a goalie for the Minnesota Wild was a teammate of mine for 4 years.

PLayed HS football 4 years. Played for Cardinal Newman Cardinals
Played Defensive End and Offensve Guard
Won city Championship.
PLayed with brother of Fabio Filice, a recent Ti-cat cut, s well as the son of the Paul Massotti

i got high with a former orlando linebacker in the AFL (also played with middle tennesee state). he plays university ball here, and used to live nextdoor.. ahh the connections :slight_smile:

Never played organized football, myself, but I used to play on weekends with Andrew Allison, who was Paul Masotti's QB in high school. CIS (CIAU) fans from the late 80s may remember Andrew as QB for Mount Allison.

And I've said this before, but my sister used to date Tony Champion. :thup:

Dave, how did your sister and Tony meet? He seemed to be a great guy as well as player but I never met him.

In Saskatoon. jmo2 what's your hubby's name, or last name and position if you wish?

Also played at Cardinal Newman in Stoney Creek. Played 3 years. Spent my senior years at receiver and grade 10 at running back, tight end and defensive HB.

Played tyke football for the Stoney Creek Bombers at LG, defensive line and linebacker.