Where did you go?

Where did you all go? Did you get tired of the Montreal mafia trying to intimidate?
This was the best forum on this site?

I don't understand your third question, but there's no Montreal mafia. There is, however, an off season. Free agency is essentially over, drafting and training camp are a ways off...there are off-topic threads on a variety of things...what shall we talk about here?

A QB controversy? Max Hall is going wipe Drew Willy off the map? Uh...no...

Uniforms? Get rid of the gold shirts? Fine with me. Next?

Your "mafiosi" did a "where are they now" thread in their forum...does anyone know what's become of Stephen Jyles, Terrence Jeffers-Harris, or that QB Mike Kelly brought in to replace Kevin Glenn but I can't remember his name just now? Or the other one? Or the other one?

(Seriously, I think my old UPEI student Vernon Pahl is a lawyer in BC. Don't see many old Bombers on the Island.)

If you want some discussion, maybe start a thread with an engaging topic.

Ah sorry Ploen.

I inadvertently put a question mark there.

The Bomber forum used to be so lively.

I remember that regular contributors like Blue Blood and others indicating they were tired of some interference.

But you are probably right. If I want a discussion I should post a better topic.

That he is:


Stefan LeFors:

"LeFors returned to Louisville after he was waived by the Bombers and took a position with the U of L athletic department, also serving as a color analyst for the U of L radio network during the 2010 football season. In May 2011, he was named as the new head coach of the high school team of the Christian Academy of Louisville, and left the U of L athletic department effective with the 2011–12 school year. He remains at Christian Academy entering the 2014 season."

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stefan_LeFors

.....We're here slant...In my case just coasting...AND ploen truth....There's an old Bomber hanging out on Vancouver Island, by the name of Gerry James...He lives near the beautiful community of Parksville/Qualicum, where good golf courses abound....Don't know if he keeps in touch with Kenny that often but he was in the Peg awhile ago flogging his book...So you see ol Bombers are still very much alive on Van. Island as well as some fans.. :wink:

We're into the doldrums of the offseason.

FA is essentially over, still a couple of names out there but we've talked about those guys already.

We can talk about the draft now that the combines have come and gone. But the bombers have a high pick and there's little to debate over who they should or will take, kind of takes the drama and debate out of it. I'm hopeful, after the combines, that there may be more depth of talent then expected and that we might still be able to snag a useful player with at least or first pick in the 3rd round.

The bombers followed the other CFL teams lead and moved their minicamp next month down south. As a result we won't get a chance to see some of the new faces right away and talk about them.

The Oline coach position is still unfilled, at least it's unofficial, but we've already agreed on how wonderful a hire coach Wylie is, or will be once it's official. And with the rest of this coaching staff, I don't know what to expect to see on the field this year.

There's the news that the bombers are getting the 2015 GC game, but we've already assumed as much.

Work starts this week on enclosing the press box. We could discuss that. But I could really care less about how comfy the reporters are. And we're a classy bunch, we don't need to poke fun at the THF delays even though some of their fans (TC23) were all over the bombers and IGF.

I think most of us right about now would just really like to fast forward to the entry draft, then fast forward again to training camp.

At times the main forum is too much and watching Evander Kane take wrist shots from the blue line is easier to take :smiley:

Please explain to me, what is going through his head when he does that?