Where did you get your nic from

Ok time to get to know some of you and your teams.
I know some of the rider fans already and some nicknames are obvious but others are not.
Here is how this is done.
Maccraken14:Name comes from the classic movie slapshot, real name has Mac in it so it is kind a fun name just don't call me Phil. :shock:
(14 comes from my being my number ..from Dave Keon)..but reallyI forgot then deleted my password and when I went to register they said maccraken was in use.
City: Regina
Team: Riders


cflfanforlife : [b]I've followed the CFL and been a fan since I was 6 years old. During my twenties I worked as a CBC crew member on the sidelines for CFL televised games at Winnipeg Stadium, and as well , did special documentary features with past CFL legends and current players. Love the game and have been a strong fan even through the difficult years when the popularity of the league was at it's lowest. Why? Because the game itself has always been a sports gem. I felt it's excitement when I was 6 and I feel it just a strongly now.

City: Vancouver
Team: Lions, but will always have some Blue and Gold in my blood.
Team I would like to see win the Grey Cup this year if the Leos don't....Renegades.[/b]

Kanga-Kucha: My older sister's nickname was "Roo", so I beening the little brother took the other part "Kanga". Then in 2001, Survior "The Australian Outback" came out and I became a huge Survior fam after that and adding one of the tribes name of that season to my nickname, "Kucha" which is what I commonly go by nowadays.

City: at the moment, Atlanta, Georgia, but I wish I was in Winnipeg
Team: Blue Bombers all the way! (see Rank The Teams! 2 for why)

ticats_fan_86: Well ive been a ticats fine for as long as i can remember. So naturally im going to support my team in my name. And the 86 well I was born in the year of 1986 so naturally put that there for one reason or another. Theres probably something special about the year 1986 I just dont know what. Anybody know of anything great that happened in 1986 beside me being born lol :wink:

City: Well I live in a little town called Cottam (not much of a city at all) but well just say that I live in Windsor because its closest
Team: My team has always been the Tabbies and always will be
OSKI WEE WEE OSKI KEE WAA WAA TIGERS EAT EM RAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
every tigercat fan knows that cheer

Um, heh, actually you guys are gonna laugh at me but about 5 yrs ago I met this guy & I wanted to impress him so I made up this name. It got his attention but we broke up. I still kept the name though, it's fun, different, & original.
City: Winnipeg
Team: Sask Riders

lol that is pretty funny........not in a bad way of course keep up the good work tho spankeedisco just one question????How did that name impress him?

lol, I'm not sure how it impressed him, maybe I just showed him that I had a sense of humour!

Well, she beats me out of best nickname story! :lol:

Well my name is fairly obvious... i love my BC bud :slight_smile:
City: Vancouver
Team: Lions

Do you mean you love your BC friend?

Just kidding.

:lol: yeah... that's it... :wink:

well kirsten is my name and 84 is for my favourite player robert gordon... and yes everyone, i know he isnt playing.

oh and im with the bombers

"Zartan, the enemy" was "paranoid schizophrenic with multiple personalities" and was withdrawn after protest from the Canadian Mental Health Association who saw it as a "deplorable stereotype" of people with mental illness.

City: Calgary
Team: Saskatchewan (where I was born) - Calgary 2nd

You mean Rider fans.

Just kidding Zartan.

Guess the name speaks for itself. Heard there was fan club called Lionbackers and I thought it was kinda catchy and describes how I feel about my home team.

Well, I like all sports except for rugby and cricket, and im obviously a guy, and thats where sportsguy is from. The 88 is just chosen cause it is a lucky number to me. My favorite numbers though are 1, 12, and 22.
Team:Cal. Stampeders aka Stamps.Yeehaw!

like that one actually never read it that way before.