Where did Williams go wrong?

It seemed kind of arbitrary to go to Porter the way they did.

I thought Williams played all right in his games, but it seems like he's no longer part of the plan. Anyone else get this feeling?

I thought he showed about equal to what Printers showed, for a much lower price tag.

Is Williams going to play for Ottawa next year?

I noticed a few times where he missed reads and didn’t throw to guys who were open in the 15-20 yard range, also there was times he’d hold onto the ball too long against the blitz.

I hope for you Hamilton fans sake that the team can hang onto Richie.
Perhaps, he is very much in the team's "big picture" but, they should show case some of the the others for trade considerations. This couldn't be achieved if he got the playing time he should be getting.

nothing wrong with williams. its the coaches that need their heads examined

only thing else could be is some off field issue???

As stated before, I don't believe Williams ever did anything wrong. They are merely trying to find out how Porter reacts in full-speed, game time situations. I would hope that Richie is still in the long-term plans as he has shown time and again that not only is he a team player but also a very good ball player.

I think (and hope) Richie understands this because in honesty he seems to be the only consistently good QB we've had this year. According to what I've read before and heard from the CP Show, he is a joker & calming factor in the dressing room too. Even in the Press-Conference (posted on the main page) Marcel points out that its audition time for Quinton and that Richie has already had his audition.


Williams is not eligible to play for the Gee Gees or the Sooners.

The Argos perhaps.

QB, depth is one area the ticats are in good shape, NOW build the O LINE!!!!!!!!!!! AND NOT with ncaa canucks . imho trade one qb (NOT Williams)and one rb(NOT LUMSDEN, Unless he,s bent on leaving) for 4 olinemen!!!!

He's got a noodle arm.

I think Obie and Bellefuelle thought, we gave Richie a chance to start a few key games this year, and he did ok, but he does not have the arms strength or mental alertness (Williams often opted to run instead of passing, like he was supposed to) to truly become the starter this team needs to win games consistently.

I believe Williams is now out of the long-term picture now in Hamilton. I also think he will be traded to another team (probably Toronto, Calgary or Saskatchewan) before the trade deadline this Wednesday.

GM's like bringing in there own guys not to say this is the case but I do think they want to get a good idea on Richie and Porter for next season. I would say Porter has a better chance of sticking around long term. He moble, good arm, quick release. I like Williams too but I dont think he could consistently win game with his arm alone.

Where did Williams go wrong?


He has done everything asked of him and then some more with his great attitude! :thup:

The coaches know what they have with him and what to expect.

As long as he is on the team and getting reps in practise...he's part of the team and as such will be ready when asked to come in.

The coach right now is putting in the guy that gives us the best chance to win. They know that the O'line hasn't been able to do the job. :roll: They must have felt that Porter gave them a better shot. Printers is banged up.

My thoughts are that of the 4 QBs we have right now...if they are going to trade or drop one...either Williams or Printers will be gone. But then again...what's wrong with having the 3 we have now and the one on PR? (Trafalis) Somebody will have to emerge as the leader...I don't think Casey has.

I hope Richie sticks with the team...I think he brings an exciting element to the game.

I think next year our qb situation will look like this

  1. Porter
  2. Williams
  3. Trefailis

Printers will be shipped to the Argos, he's exactly what Matthews wants.