Where did the running game go?

Did it leave with Charlie?

Keith rushed for 5 yards and Jesse -2 for a grand total of 3 yards rushing between the two.

Same place it's been for the last couple years.

We get down, by a score or two, early because our Defense can't stop the other team. The coaches panic and totally abandon the running game so we can "catch up". The offense becomes even more predictiable and can't stay on the field. The defense gets tired, and gives up even trying to stop the other team.

Result. Blow out.

The running game ran to the hospital....all of them

The Two Coach have Diffrent Ways They do things
Charile was longer Practices and run to set up the Pass
Keep passes Short Keep it close win Late

Marcel is more
Short Practices
Pass to open the Run
Stretch the Field mix it up
Anything to win.