Where did the D go?

Okay they were suppose to be improving, yet this second game against Calgary our secondary is getting humbled ... embarrassed. As usual we are blitzing on second and long with no pressure on the QB and the secondary playing way off the line past the 10 yard marker.

Also special teams not looking great either.

Yep- Ritchie Hall needs to be fired. His defensive strategy doesent work anymore, it failed with Edmonton and now is brutal with SASK--

In Edmonchuck, it was reported he spent too much time on the D instead of the whole team. Still I thought it was his coaches on the D that let him down.

We certaintly are not seeing the old Rider D we are use too with Ritchie. :cry:

I was optimistic, they were improving over the past couple of games and starting to look a lot better and then bam, tonight they were getting beat all over the place. Apparently they watched the early BC games on how not to tackle.

They played well in the 2nd half. Really, they gave up 7 points, and that was on a pretty short field after a fumble. The first half was horrid.

For the first time in my life, I have no sympathy for Richie Hall. I wish him all the luck in the world. Especially is it's in the next couple of weeks.

In reality though, I don't see a reason to keep him past the bye week.

Get a new DC and prepare him for next season. It's not like a new defensive coordinator will cost the Rider any wins.

If Hawkins is ever healthy I think his D would look good.

I agree...time for Richie to go. I suspect a lot of us are sad Etcheverry is no longer here?

Time to get past Hawkins and find someone else. Has he played in the last 12 games?

Wasn't Marshall a D guy??? I didn't pay much attention to him in the east but I'm pretty sure he sucked as a D coach as well, didn't he?

Finally people are coming around to ehat I have been ranting about since the beginning of the season. We almost came back and you have to give Darian credit for that but when we needed the stop from the D - they're still playing off the receiving corps
giving up 1st down after 1st down - let Calgary chew up over 3 minutes on the clock and score a TD. Yes I think it is definitely time to explore the possibility of Greg Marshall taking over as DC and letting him bring his own guy for that position. We should have never-ever brought RH back.

In Hall's defense, the D held Calgary to seven offensive points in the second half. The first half, though, was a gong show.

That is true but those 7 points came at critical juncture in the 4th. 6 minutes left and we needed astop to get the ball back to our offense. Instead we let Clagary waltz down the field chewing up over 3 minutes in clock and scoring a TD - end of game. I do not think there is anything that can be said in RH’s defense.

Bitch all you want, the Stamps also played sensationally. Did the D play bad...clearly. You never give credit to the other team...ever. The Stamps are a good team. You make it sound like they should not be able to move the ball on us. The Rider D played well in the second half. Yeah, the Stamps scored at a bad time, but they were stumps the rest of the half. Did the D suck hard in the first half...absolutely...bitch about that, not the one score in the second half ffs

shoot outs r a given in the cfl on any given day, you all are mising the whole turning point of this game DB play calling in the 3rd quarter, 1st and goal on the 5yrd line, his calls lost us the game! THE END!

Chill out man. I don't think I need to be sworn at and told to keep my opinions to myself. I have never said the Stamps aren't a good team - they are a very good team. I want us to be a better team. Obviosly you are content with a D that gives up 31 points in the 1st half and then proceeds - and i will not stfu - to allow opposing teams to move the ball at critical points in the game. I think it just points out how our D keeps playing the same way no matter what the situation. At that juncture a bend but don't break strategy was not called for but an agressive scheme to cause a 2 and out or a turnover. So keep living in your happy space where we have a good defense under Richie Hall and I will continue living in mine where or D sucks. Even though you are using abbreviations I do find your tone and swearing offensive.

you clearly did not read my post, I never said the D played well. I said they sucked. I did say they adjusted well in the second half and that it was basically ridiculous to complain about 1 TD in the 2nd half, even if it was bad timing. Complain away about the 1st half play of the D...I don't see the point in slamming them for the second half play.

and I did not tell you to stfu.

I guess I misinterpreted "**** about that." I still assume it is something not repeated in polite company.

It was the B word, and not mean in a derogatory manor. it was as in b = complain.

Okay that's better.

I agree totally, our D sucks!! I said this earlier, teams must love playing us. Offences have career games against us, and it is disgusting. We can't even come up with a big game at home. And as for holding the Stamps offence to 7 points in the 2nd half, they were up by 17 and didn't care. They could drive the field whenever they needed to, and showed it when it counted. Changes need to be made, no more old boys club, RH and DB should be gone!! :cowboy: