Where did the "Als make worms out of Gades" post g

I stayed up late last night responding to the “Als make worms out of Gades” post, and laid some emotional smack down in the wee hours. And now I can’t find it.

That really peeves me off.

Where the heck is it??? :x

It has probably been merged with another one. I really hate that because we can’t find our posts afterward without checking everywhere to know where they’ve been put.

Supersmith, you’ll find what you are looking for in the CFL team vs city population Post.

I didn’t touch that post!


Thanks Als_Molson.
Just for that I’ll have a couple of Molson Silver Bullets for that!

The birds made worms out of the Gades is a sentence I wrote on the 4th page of the “CFL team vs CIty pop” thread.

I’m happy to see people liked the quote.