Where did our punter from?

Has the announcers ever mentioned where our punter is from? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don't think Rod Black has ever mentioned it... :wink:

Freaking brutal man. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. :expressionless: Rod Black makes me want to cut my ears off.

I think he's from Austria.
The concessions should serve a special Josh Bartel schnitzel.

He's from Australia, you know, down under, land of kangaroos & koalas. Former Aussie Rules player.
I remember from training camp, Cortez or Daly joking they almost need a translator with him because Bartel's accent is so strong, even though he only speaks English!


Last game I was at, I watched him punt and he tried to angle it out of bounds. I've never seen a ball do an end over end like that, it looked like it was in slow motion. The advantage he has as an ex Aussie Rules is that he can kick on the run if he has to. His punting average is pretty good too.


Here I thought he was from The Bronx.

it's only because he can't tell us anymore that Jarrett Payton was the son of Walter Payton. He had to find something else to remind us of, and remind us, and remind us, and remind us, on and on ad infinitum ad nauseam. . .

Funny guy, Mr. Bartel is! I met him on the field after the Edmonton game and asked him what prompted the career change! He looked at me with a deadpan look and replied.... "less running". Then broke out laughing!


Grand Final of the AFL September 29th Hawthorn Hawks vs Sydney Swans.