Where did Joe go?

Where did Joe Montford wind up? I know he got released but did he retire or sign with somebody? I'm not asking for him to come back. I am just curious.

I am. He brings more to the game then just sacks. Him just being on the field opens up the other side of the D-line as teams will focus on #53 even double team him. Also he brings a lot of passion to the game and to the team. Since there is no salary cap this year get him back home.


Where is he Fletch?

no where

Can he be had cheap? And would it be worth at least a look?

The reason Joe is “no where” is that he is not ready to be “had cheap.” He wants top scale pay and has priced himself out of the market. Eric Tilman spoke about this on the pre-game show, prediciting that Joe had played his last down of football, largely because of unrealistic financial expectations.

Remember our home victory against Edmonton last year?

Joe wasn't double teamed. Travis Claridge manhandled and totally dominated him single handed all game. Joe was completely inneffective. No double team required.