Where Did It Go

...yogi was a troublemaker and did not represent the good fans of the Blue Bombers very well with his ridiculous logic, inane arguments and childish behavior......wait....now I see why you want to join him.....

Well, at least his not an uptight, sarcastic 24/7 ***.

.....no he wasn't one of those guys......whatever a(n) *** is.....God maybe?....no, he wasn't a god.....

I'm surprise that being a donkey yourself, you should have figured that one out, mate! :lol:

victory sign! :cowboy:

......I share no genes with a donkey.....you're the person most fixated with the human posterior on this site.....

So who started this one??????

I bet if we did a poll, everyone would disagree with you.

edited because its the same old stupidity

Redandwhite, 1st post:

.....it's not slander if it's true.....

So posting his opinion is starting a fight?

You made personal attacks against him!

you don’t call that a personal attack?

NO I dont!
Not towards you

....who put the [KK] marks in there!....are you editting posts KK!?....that's pretty shoddy of you to edit posts to make yourself look good, pretty shoddy indeed!......you whine and complain about mods editting things and you do it yourself.....what a hypocrite....

It falls under his false accusation categorie!

[always to this when you want to add the name of the person somebody is referring too]

RO: GO BACK TO GRADE SCHOOL! the logic is all there. I don't need to here from a guy that makes a mistake, corrects it, and then denies that he ever made a mistake in the first place.

and I always fight fire with fire, there aren't any rules in war.

red fires off a left, kanga shoots back with right, ro jumps in with hook, kanga with rabbit punch, below the belt, thats a warning from the ref, keep it clean .

......oh yes, your 'total war' bull***.....where kicking a guy in the nuts is totally allowed....

You assumed who he was refering to!
Your name was not mentioned!

Yes there are rules in war and the spark you call fire is a joke!

oh the humanity, its a street brawl in there, somebody call the cops.....

....quick, everyone cover your groin, KK is using his 'total war' strategy.....