Where Did It Go

I thought there was a post about over and under achievers…

Montreal was 3 - 3 last year and 6 - 0 this year, over

Edmonton was 5 - 1 and is 2 - 4, under

BC was 7 - 0, and is 4 - 3, under

Sask was 3 - 3 and is 3 - 3

Ham was 0 - 7 and is 1 - 6

Tor was 4 - 2 and is 2 - 4, under

Wpg was 1 - 6 and is 5 - 2, over

Cal was 3 - 4 and is 3 - 4

Ham was 0 - 7 and is 1 - 6
hamilton are overacheivers this season, rofl!

.....the thread has indeed disappeared....it hasn't been moved ot the mod forum neither.....I'll ask around, it wasn't contenscious or anything.....perhaps the system erased it or something.......crap, it was a good thread too.....

.....btw, a unique perspective there piggy, comparing last year with this year, good job.......

Thanx redandwhite, I was trying to find out also..

ROFLs also.

And Ottawa was...oh wait...hahaha...

...gremlins at work in the system....does rawrikydoneit have the capability,,,,,,,,,,on second thought ...that's quite impossible and probably ludicrous... :wink: :roll: :lol: :lol:

I say Ottawa is overachieving, because they are undefeated... :rockin:

My bad!! I was in the process of moving one post from the topic to the mod forum and hit the wrong button and....poof! Sorry all. :oops:

…hmmm, you know what this means my friend?..you are now responsible for cleaning the mod jet…jm02 can tell you where the equipment is…Third_and_Ten has it down in the bahamas right now and upon it’s return, once the customs people are done with it, not to mention Sancho the Wonder Weinerdog, and 3rd’s fetish for whip-cream showers, you are in for a hell of a clean-up…

We have a jet?? :o Me thinks me neighbors to the north like to keep me in the dark :?

You have been on the jet......many, many times.

You enjoyed yourself so much you cant remember! :wink:

on the same note, my Cricket Canada topic and most of my previous posts have gone missing, what's the deal with that?

RW? :twisted:

....sorry, not me.....probably Ron or CFL.pm, they mentioned something about 'cleaning out your locker' in the mod forum.....I suggest you pm them vigorously and with single-purpose-of-mind determination about this issue....

I don't recall Cricket being offensive.

but hey, if you guys want to **** up this forum by making guys that bring it fire and intensity, go right ahead.

I already intend to not come back after the frist Grey Cup kickoff.

…you’ll be held to this you know…

The only time I canthink of coming back is to say when I'll be in Canada, either in 2008 for the Grey Cup, or in 2010, when I vist Alaska, Calgary, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Hamilton, TO, Ottawa.

other than that, I'm going to join Yogi on the CFL zone, and I hope that every right thinking CFL fan joins us.

Why wait?

I'm going to join Yogi on the CFL zone
why not go make life miserable for the mods at 13thman first. They deserve it, at least, some of them do. Be interesting to see how long you and they put up with each other :twisted: :lol: :lol:

I have commencements with this forum first, namely the VGCC.

nah, that forum is too bush! :lol: :cowboy: