Where did Edmonton go right? Where did Hamilton go wrong?

Two teams who were equal in ability last year going in opposite directions.

Any thoughts?

I think Both Teams are on a good Path.
Edmonton was little more Aggressive on the trade Front.

Hamilton Biggest Failing was not getting Good players for the Front 4 on Defence.

Edmonton brought in proven CFL players while we brought in mostly rookies. Neither team is going to the Grey Cup, but I think we're in the best long term shape.

Edmonton has a horrible coach and they'll probably have to unload a lot of these players in the offseason due to the cap.

And I like the direction this team is going, the young guys here are players who seem to have the potential to dominate. Once we get someone on the D-line who can get to the qb and replace Creehan we'll be a Grey Cup contender.


Does Edmonton rely on NFL cuts???

This is the CFL folks. Players change teams like I change my underwear. Sometimes they put out on the field, sometimes they just come to have some fun. The Cats have yet to develop a winning attitude and are very inconsistent. The labout day game will tell us what the Cats are about. Last time they beat the Argos, the Argos had a short week. Lets see what they will do with a rested Argo team.

Where did you come up with this one Drexl? It's the Edmonton rookies that have made them a better team this year. Guys like Kelly Campbell, A.J. Harris, Tristan Jackson, Jim Davis, Keith Williams , Montez Murphy etc. Who were the proven CFL players Edmonton brought in this year and please don't say Jason Maas as he hasn't even played a down this year?

Edmonton's QB Ray was hurt last year.
Ray is healthy this year.

Yes, Ray is the main reason.
They have a consistent good QB.

I don't think that the cats particularily went wrong...but any team that has a healthy Ricky Ray has to have an edge.
So why are the Cats 2-6 and the Eskies 5-3?

The Cats QB combo isn't in the same league as Ray.

You can't win consistantly without a passing game especially with a defense that gives up 30 points a game.

Also, while its too early to grade Obie on his performance, you have to admit that his off season additions havent exactly set the world on fire. the Cats were weak last year in two or three key areas (receivers, DBs, D line), and despite much fanfare (Miles, Woodcock, Ponder and a few more) they continue to be week. Most of the additions are non factors or simply not here anymore.

Edmonton's additions seem to have worked out better. I have questions about their defense, but if Ray stays healthy, at very least they will cross over.

I personaly don't like the Crossover.
Would like see it removed..

to answer this question, it quite simply comes down to this- continuity and great management. something the tiger-cats have not had either of since ron was running the show even then things were a little suspect from an ownership standpoint anyways but with the use of smoke and mirrors...

city legend

Edmonton did a good job at identifying their problems and fixing them.

1- Needed to protect Ray better
2- Chapdelaine and Ray wasn't working out
3- Special teams were poorly coached
4- Needed a replacement for Fleming
5- Needed a running back

They fixed it all.

1- Possession Receiver
2- Deep treat
3- Experience in the Defensive Backfield
4- Improve pass rush.
5- Quality Coordinators

They fixed nothing.

There is your answer

Both teams are in transition...take a look at Duane Ford's comment on "Canadian Content" on TSN.com, and understand that the Eskies have traded away prime Cdn talent to replace Sean Fleming with the aging Noel Prefontaine...his comments are considerably kinder to the TiCats who are probably closer to assembling a "challenging" team.

Admittedly, we need some "help" on the defensive front (personal thought, can we not be rid of the 3-4 concept? We keep getting ripped by teams that can run, and the rush just peters out to nothing)(but I digress) and its going to take a year, or even two years, for the receivers to bond to the QB's, and get the timing and the "count" down right...Williams has had sucess, I speculate, because he's worked with these guys a lot longer than Casey, ut nobody wants to give Taaffe/OB credit for a creditable QB "tandem...
It can be argued that the Blue team will be coming into Hamilton on Monday with a sense of "dread" that Hamilton "has their number" in the '08 season, and rightly so! Any season that we hand the Blue team their collective heads for three games is not necessarily a "losing" season...