where can we find more Terry Vaughans?

Wow! this guy is the real deal.
He could easily play another two or three years. What a great attitude along with his talent. The rest of the team should be looking at this guy and try to measure up to him. If we had a whole team of Terry Vaughan's we'd be 7 and 0.

I think he'd be a crummy offensive tackle.

rock and roll,

Do you really think he would be any worse than what we have?
Just kidding, but this guy's attitude and work ethic is the epitome of what a Hamilton Tigercat should be. :cowboy:

I Kid, I kid.

You're definately right that he's a fantastic professional. You have to think that players as special as him are pretty rare though. Hopefully he can continue to lead by example.

i know where we can find another terry vaughn, but a slite taller, in jacksonville,
does the name khalil hill ring a bell, he has what it takes to be a threat in the cfl and would be one of the greats of the game if we could get him back, hes our next dj flick once he comes back(i pray that he does) hes the boost we need!

crossing fingers

If Hill gets cut I hope the Cats do not have a brain fart and let him get away. He should be signed as fast as possible.

I wish him all the best with Jacksonville but if it does not work out please come back.

Yeah......agree with you on Cahlil Hill
This guy back along with Vaughan would be awesome. I'd also like to see Woodard back. We certainly have not found a replacment for him or Claridge. I'm sure McCarthy and Craig Smith are scouting the nfl camps for some quality players.