where can I watch sundays game online

I have to work again.
If anyone knows of a site that I can watch the game on sunday please let me knows.

thanks in advance Gary


Channel Surfing.net is garbage.

It is slow,.....has a lag, and they play a TON of American commercials over the feed, even when the game is going on on TSN.

I would recommend http://www.justin.tv/ for the Grey Cup if you want free. HOWEVER, someone has to broadcast the game for it to be included. During the playoffs, someone did do a broadcast BUT, once it got to 500 or so viewers, the video starts to halt every 30 seconds asking you to pay. I got around that by opening two windows and refreshing one or the other as needed and didn't really miss any of the action.

If you want a good quality, uninterrupted feed of the Grey Cup, you are going to have to cough up some money.


This is what I plan on watching the Grey Cup with on the internet.

Sorry to reply to my own post.

I checked the insinc website, with a Canadian proxy server, and you get this message if you are in Canada.


Based on the internet address of your computer we have determined that you are a CANADIAN Visitor to our site.

TSN International CFL Broadband is not available to Canadian visitors. You can watch the live CFL game from the TSN website at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl
The game may also be unavailable for US visitors, these are marked with the ‘US BLACKOUT’ icon on the schedule.

So, the game MAY be available on TSN’s website, but I wouldn’t guarantee it.

Try this site and look for it under live sports it usally broadcast all Cfl games just look for grey cup


Hope this helps

I've watched the entire seasons play over the past few years on CFL/Insinc. It really has made me feel connected (as a born and bred, die-hard, bleeding gold and black, Hamiltonian) living way over here in New Zealand. I watched last weeks game on the beach last week, but alas, no one to share my greif with :slight_smile:). Overall, the great majority, I feel, of you guys are the rith combo of passion and knowledge; i just wanted you to know I appreciate

It's great to see the positive tone of the forums this time of year compared to the last half decades death notices posted. I think this year more of "pre-season" for the dominate years ahead.

Go 'Cats (Go Green on Sunday)! :thup: