Where can I get Ticat Framed Pictures

I'm redoing my room and I got all my Fav teams Italy(soccer) DTR, Detroit Lions, but im missing the Cats. Can Anyone tell me where I could find pictures of individual players or as a team framed or ona plaque? Any help would b nice because I cant find nething thank u, Adam

Oskee Wee Wee

You should be able to get a framed picture, autographed by all the 2006 roster at any Value Village for around $1.44. Because that is what is would be worth.

There is a company in Toronto that sells framed CFL photos; they were also responsible for the Terry Vaughn frame that was presented to him after his record setting catch. I’ve enclosed the link below.


Try the Roar store at Centre Mall.

You must shop there often.

At the TiCat golf tourney in August I bought two very nice, and I do mean nice, signed and framed pictures of the Stampeders and Alouettes. They also had a very nice TiCat one as well but the bidding on that one was a little too rich for even my blood.

All three came from the Harrop Gallery in Milton at 345 Steeles Ave. Phone number (905) 878-8161. Give them a call.

Hope this helps.

Doesn't Costco make up posters and mounted prints if you take them a CD of digitized pics?

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The Harrop Gallery is where the Tiger-Cats had the pictures framed.

We will have many more Tiger-Cat and other Sports Memorabilia for sale at the Wall of Honour Dinner on October 13th.