Where can I get a helmet decal?

Anyone know where I could get a couple of helmet decals for my side of my motorcycle helmet ? Or even bumper stickers for myself and to send to my family out of town? Havent seen any of them. Wanna do my part to promote the team. Thanks.

You would think they'd sell them at 1 Jarvis, but I don't think I've ever seen them. Maybe you could convince someone there to stock a few. It would be a great seller I think, who wouldn't want one for the back window of their truck? They certainly have them at 75 Balsam, but you'd have to be hooked up to get that taken care of. Plus I don't even know if we have an equipment manager right now...

you could contact hamilton minor footbal,hmfa,they use the decals and ive seen them replace them on the helmets.

Personally, I say just buy a ticat helmet in the offseason at there store or in there lockerroom sales and wear that.
Guarenteed you'll get ladies.

dont think MTO would say it was ok to tool around on my motorcycle with a footbal helmet...lol.

I guess you didn't read the PM I sent you three weeks ago!

Check it out.