Where can I get a BC Lions T-Shirt?

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the forum and going to my first Lions Game on Friday. I want to get a Lions T-Shirt or Jersey to wear to the game. Any suggestions on where the best place with the best price to get a Lions Jersey and t-shirt would be greatly appreciated. And what color Lions T-shirt is worn to games. It is a sea of Orange?

oh...also what time to the doors open for the game. Gametime is 7pm. Do the doors open to the public at 5pm?


You can get any clothing at blue line sports any location and the doors open at 6:00pm

You can buy them at the stadium (inside) - doors usually open at least an hour before kickoff. Bought one last year with no number or name (That costs extra) I paid about $100 maybe a bit more for a jersey.

have fun and make some noise!

get orange

I was at Sportchek today. They have Lions t-shirts at very good price.