Where can I find this season's statistics?

what I am mostly interested in is how many penalties all 8 teams have on them so far. I heard it hard to find CFL stats, but I hope someone on here knows a site that has them.

Here's the link:

You have to use the team stats section at the bottom of the page and go team by team for their penalty totals. I don't know if it is anywhere else or not.

Number of Penalties: 157
Yards Penalized 1280

Number of Penalties: 154
Yards Penalized 1242

Number of Penalties: 170
Yards Penalized 1515

Number of Penalties: 149
Yards Penalized 1146

Number of Penalties: 177
Yards Penalized 1595

Number of Penalties: 144
Yards Penalized 1271

Number of Penalties: 208
Yards Penalized 1804

Number of Penalties: 154
Yards Penalized 1355

Thanks Blue Blood :rockin:

Now I'll just get this into a list from least to worst...

  1. Hamilton: 144, 1271
  2. Saskatchewan: 149, 1146
  3. Edmonton: 154, 1242
  4. Montreal: 154, 1355
  5. BC: 157, 1280
  6. Calgary: 170, 1515
  7. Winnipeg: 177, 1595
  8. Toronto: 208, 1804

the season isn't over yet, but so far the results are interesting.

Hmm... I would've expected Toronto to have more. :lol:

Exactly, what is "interesting" about these numbers??

An average of 18.2 penalties per game? I believe that's up over previous years, but Toronto is skewing the results :wink:

well, for one that the last two teams on that list are the (debatable) most likely (or in TO case, already) to be eliminated from the playoffs.

I'm also using this as one of the ways I am deciding who I am picking for this week to win, and who I'd pick to win in the playoffs. Wield I know, but that's my strategy for this season.

A bit off topic for this thread, but when did Montreal last miss out on the playoffs?

If Winnipeg wins this week, BC will miss out on the playoffs for the frist time snice like 1996, and that has me wondering about the other teams, and the only one I can't remember is Montreal.

Interesting how Saskatchewan beats out Calgary with the fewest penaties.

If you're strictly talking about the Montreal Alouettes then they haven't missed the playoffs since the team moved to Montreal for the 1996 season as far as I know.

jeez, and they don;t show any signs of slowing down, amazing. :thup: