Where Can I Find Extended All-Time Stats?

I was trying to find out where Rocky DiPietro placed in all-time catches (I remember the day he broke the record), but after half an hour of searching internet sites, I can't find any list longer than five, and Rocky apparently doesn't make the top five any more. More generally, I'd like to be directed to a CFL-information site that lists the top 50 (or at least top 25) of record-holders in every category: most receptions, most rushing touchdowns, most field goals, longest field goals, etc. It's a fun and informative way of reviewing decades of being a fan of the CFL.

I can tell you his receiving stats if it would be helpful.

I can also tell you that Rocky's 9761 receiving yards do not make the top 10, however, in 2010, the last date on which my stats are based, he was 10th in total receptions with 706.

And Welcome!

Thanks for this -- but where can I find the list from which you discovered that he was 10th in total receptions? Presumably you found that information in a list that was at least 10 people long. Can you direct me to a web page? Or a book of CFL stats for sale on Amazon?

Sure, but you probably won't like the results :wink:

It appears this is the final edition of this excellent resource. I have the first edition that I bought for substantially less than it sells for now.

It appears the second (2012) edition is available on Amazon.ca. Below is the third (2013) edition, which contains all stats up to 2012.

This one (2011) is a bit more reasonable:

Nice find! That's actually worth buying. I have the same one.