Where can I find a list of players for the Alouettes that will be under contract

Where can I find a list of players for the Alouette players that will be under contract for the next year? And a list for those players whose contracts will be expiring?

The CFL free agent list for all teams should be released in early December.
You could try contactinghttps://cfldb.ca/
The league doesn’t like to get salary info out into the public.
The information appears in small drips and drabs.

Hopefully the list of UFAs can shrink by a name or two after the Grey Cup and before the end of the salary cap year … *** IF *** there is some cap space left … will be easier ion they have new owners … CFL BoG may not want to invest “their” money into re-signing Als … also important to remember with the “under contract” names, CFL contracts can be flushed as easily as toilet paper if the team wants … can also be a means to re-work deals in the spring if space is needed … also, contracts for Americans can be manipulated somewhat by shifting money from salary to “signing bonuses” … tax is less on those bonuses so the contract total can be reduced if the team is willing (confident enough) to pay money out up front