Where Are You Wearing Your Jersey This Week?

Here I am today speaking at my college's chapel.

Let's get some other posts of Ticat pride!


I folded the jersey I wore to the game on Sunday (unwashed to my wife's chagrin) and except to wear it to the rally today I won't wear it again until around 5:30 Sunday. Tee shirts, hats, toque everywhere else according to the weather.

I'll be wearing my Hal Patterson retro jersey at work tomorrow. We have been invited to do so by our head office (located in Regina). If I can figure out how to post a picture here I'll do so. :wink:

I'm in the city of football darkness (Toronto) Thursday and Sunday, so I'll be rocking either the Henley classic 26 or my personalized 12 and talking Ti-cats and CFL to all the local CFL-haters. Friday and Saturday, I'll be in Port Perry for the Ontario Curling Tour event and our team will replace our uniforms with Cats jerseys for at least one game.

put away until Sundays Grey Cup party. :rockin:
Waited a long time for this and can't wait now

Normally I avoid wearing any Ticat colours on game day. Often I wear the colours of the opposition as a jinx, but on Sunday, I will be wearing this...

I wore this once last year at a game where we blew out the Edmonton Eskimos, and once this year, at the Eastern Final.

I have various jersey's game worn and regular jersey's. I'm not sure what jersey the cats will have white or black, so not sure what I will be wearing for the game.

I have however been wearing my Ti-Cat golf shirt all week at work. Tomorrow being casual I will wear one of my T-shirts. I have had my Ti-Cat winter jacket on all this week. Working in Mississauga I stick out in my black and gold.

Regina :rockin: :rockin:

Each and every time I have to go to Tranna I wear some form of Ti-Cats apparel. Typically, most people pass by without noticing. But every once in a while someone will smile or chant AAAARRRRRGGGGOOOOOS! and I even encounter the odd "Oskie wee wee." I like to stick it to the T.O. crowd while I am there by wearing Cats gear even if they don't notice that I'm doing it.

A few times I have been confronted by people who, for what ever reason are offended by or resent my wearing of Cats gear in Tranna. It's usually young guys leaving or going between bars who take offence. It is always when I am by myself or with a lady and they always outnumber me. Usually by 3 or 4 to one. Haven't had to resort to physically defending myself but there have been a few close calls. Classy for sure. And it just makes me want to do it all the more.

Ive got my jersey on at work today and I put my daughter in hers when she went to daycare this morning :rockin:

I wore one of my Ticats shirts to work yesterday (working from home today). Only one other person in the office wearing anything CFL-related, but it was a really awful green. She must have spilled something really disgusting on it. Maybe used it to clean watermelons?

I'll be wearing my game worn, Dwight Anderson Ti-Cat jersey to the Grey Cup game this Sunday.

So after thinking about it and given that I will be speaking on good Christmas traditions I think I will add in something about our very good family tradition of being Ticat fans for three generations and wear some Ticat apparel to illustrate the point during the message! I think that will be very appropriate tomorrow!! lolol

Go Cats go!!!!!


I will have on my Andy Fantuz when I pick it up in a couple hours!!! Oskee Wee Wee!!

The good Dr. approves! :slight_smile: